Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze Has a Message for His Program's Critics

By Jason Priestas on February 1, 2013 at 6:09p

Ole Miss, a program not known as a football recruiting powerhouse, has put together an impressive class. Five-stars Laquon Treadwell and Elijah Daniel headline a class that many consider to be one of nation's best and it could get better if the nation's top offensive tackle, Laremy Tunsil, joins the group as expected.

Naturally, some are going to wonder whether things are above board, especially when prospects fresh off a visit tweet photos of large sums of money before deleting the photo.

What does second year coach Hugh Freeze have to say to the naysayers?

That's either one hell of a way to kill rumors and allegations about your program or an invitation to disaster, Gary Hart-style.


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Time will tell just how legit this run in recruiting is for Ole Miss

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Coach Freeze:

  1. If someone has facts about Ole Miss committing violations, I'm not sure that Ole Miss compliance is going to be the most productive place to send them.
  2. It's possible to have suspicions about someone or some organization without slandering them. 
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An open invitation to trolls? I like it. 

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I don't even believe Ole Miss got Archie Manning to play there without paying him, so of course I'm suspicious.

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Have you seen the girls at Ole Miss? Nuff said. 

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Look, brother, I agree, but I'm not sure if they're that much hotter than the lassies at UGA, UT, UF, A&M, USC...

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You can't possibly leave FSU out of this debate. Whew!

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In all fairness, college recruiting was pretty local then (Brett Farve went to Southern Miss, even), and Ole Miss is the school you go to if you're from New Orleans and:
1) Aren't smart enough to go to Tulane
2) Aren't Plebian enough to go to LSU.
Also, while the girls at Ole Miss are about as attractive as the girls at most other SEC schools, they have much better off parents at Ole Miss.  A fair number of people view it as a finishing school that happens to award bachelors degrees.

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Hugh Freeze should be used to this by now; the mere appearance of impropriety in recruiting to Ole Miss goes back to his first job with the program, after all.
Remember the Michael Oher story? You've probably even seen the movie.
So yeah, Freeze knows a thing or two about getting questioned about why big-time recruits pick Ole Miss.

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Hugh Freeze happens to be Michael Oher's former HS coach. I'm sorry, but there is just no way that Ole Miss lands a class like this without something going on. 

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Yes, that's my point: the Oher case brought the NCAA sniffing around Ole Miss then, in part because of the "coincidental" timing of the school hiring Freeze as a coach. Ergo, he's no stranger to having the big dogs asking inconvenient questions about recruiting at Ole Miss...

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Oh I agreed with you. Poor syntax on my part. 

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Thanks Andy - I forgot about how that all unfolded & that Freeze was involved. While I wouldn't go so far as to say that he (Freeze) is a bad guy, I would definitely not put him above recruiting violations either. We'll see as I would imagine this all could be attracting some sniffing around by the NCAA by now or very soon...

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I definitely wouldn't say he is or he isn't - my knowledge of Hugh Freeze is contained in this thread and a movie starring Sandra Bullock :)

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BTW, nice Gary Hart reference. That brought back memories of some great Bloom County cartoons.

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It is completely unfair to accuse Ole Miss of paying recruits without having any evidence; the kid obviously got the cash selling drugs and pimpin. 

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Personally, I like freeze's comment. I like that he has defended his recruits and their families and did so by sharing a direct link to compliance. I guess we'll find out if everything has been on the up and up. I'm sure the NCAA' is/will look closely at this class. But until I see concrete evidence, or the NCAA proves a violation, I'll reserve judgement. 

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Agree, it's good to stand up for your team and your kids, and what he said was to the point and neither incriminating nor inflammatory. That said, this class does look just a little too good to be true... Time will tell, perhaps.

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Perhaps eSECpn has an agenda of getting every team in the SEC to win a natty.

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