Video: Slam Thompson's Latest Highlight

By Jason Priestas on January 2, 2013 at 9:52p

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That's levitation holmes.

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I'd upvote you if I still had the ability...

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Thompson is ridiculous. I have a new suggestion for an upgrade to this site: a link to a page that has compiled Gifs/videos of all of Slam's exploits

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That would the first page I visited every morning after a game this season.

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Thompson is the human highlight reel. 

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I love being a Buckeye!!!

Buckeye in PA purgatory

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I don't know that this is a particularly good team, but it is certainly an athletic one.  Athleticism covers a multitude of sins.

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If Thompson could just get his short jumper to fall consistently it would help round out his offensive game. 
His dunks are amazing. 

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Can we get this guy a helmet and some pads and put him at WR?

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Or put him on the field goal block unit...?

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I know we have guys like Tank and Craft that are fan favorites, but the game is just so much more exciting with Slam on the court. He may not be the most important player (yet), but I'll be damned if he isn't the most fun to watch.

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He took what should have been a terrible lob pass out of bounds, and turned it into a highlight slam. Amazing.

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Yeah - my language is going to have to be pardoned here - but that was just plain fucking sick! Don't know how else to say it. This may not be the best shooting team ever at OSU - but that kid is one bad man and entertaining as all hell. He'll have me watching all year whatever the record is.

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I thought is block was pretty sweet too.  He can just get up 

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He literally waited in the air to make that block. He could've caught the shot if he wanted to but he elected to volleyball spike the ball out of bounds. And I'm glad he did 

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It's time for "Slam" to get some love from ESPin's Top 10.

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He got quite a bit of love in the Top 10! 

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S(l)am's been making regular appearances from what I've seen. This morning he was in the Sportscenter top ten plays twice! Once for his block and then he was the #1 play in the top 10 with the dunk.

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Edit: dupe 
I like how they showed he was smiling the whole time

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I was at the Sugar Bowl last night, so I didn't catch sports center until this morning. It's about time.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Blake approves.

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BTN did a segment on Slam's dunks last night.  Just this years ('12/'13) are sick.  The dude is fun to watch.  My favorite is last years in-bound pass from Craft at IU.  If I was better at the 'puter I would embed it here.

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The other dunk I am still thinking about (and I know that it is a bad memory for Buckeye fans) is the one by McLemore at the end of the first half of the OSU-KU game this year.  Dude caught the ball at the 3 point line and made it to the rim without dribbling or travelling.  

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I successfully fought the urge to downvote you out of instinct for making me think about that play again

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Somebody needs to make a youtube video of Slam's dunks set to this song for sure. That way I can stop associating it with the fab 5 because of that 30 for 30

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to R. Kelly's I believe I can fly, Space Jam style.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02...