Jay Bilas Picks a Buckeye as One of College Basketball's Best Perimeter Defenders

By Jason Priestas on January 4, 2013 at 6:47a

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Certain fan girls will kill Bilas for this. lol

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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one noticeable flaw i see in crafts defense is he is prone to getting exposed on back cuts

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Craft plays a very high risk/high reward type of defense.  He will often give his guy a lot of rope so that he is able to get into passing lanes and be generally disruptive.  He has great hustle and is pretty athletic so he gets away with it a lot, but it does expose him to things like back cuts and blow-bys.  I think a lot of the heat that Craft is taking this year, on the defensive side, is due to people previously labeling him as some kind of on-ball defender guru.  Craft is good but by no means great in that department, but that's not really his game.  His game is to use his high basketball IQ and tireless hustle to be in as many places as possible to be as disruptive as possible. 

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It's the Laurinaitis effect. When someone is that good that early, if they don't achieve complete perfection and dominance at any point later in their careers they're overrated.
Buckeyes do have several amazing defenders at the guard position, though.

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Basing efficiently soley on the steals vs minutes he mentioned on the leading perimeter defender is stupid. I'm really disappointed with Kraft's continued offensive struggles as no matter how good you are on offense or defense, if you are a liability on the other end it can eventually lead to a net negative affect on your team BUT Kraft is still that good on defense that he's doing more overall good to be on the floor for a lot of minutes. And he is still more disruptive, active and valuable on defense than any of those players. Bilas is using Billy Bean / Sabremetrics stuff for his defensive proficiency rating and it really doesn't translate to basketball perimeter defense...but thanks Jay, go watch them actually play more.

D. Anthony

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Craft is our point guard, Kraft is a cheese single.

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Craft's problem is that he is a great distributor point guard on a team that desperately needs someone to step up and create offense. He runs the offense and finds opportunities for other players... but he can't make anything out of nothing for himself.

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i can't stand Jay Bilas...

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Is this the first animated GIF avatar in 11W history? I think it is.

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i was actually hoping it was when i did it. and what better than scorpion...ahh childhood

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get over here!! lol... craft is a top notch on ball defender. ive never seen a point guard look cofortable against him. at the end of the day thats what defense is about making the offense uncomfortable

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again