How Burke Ended Up at Michigan

By Chris Lauderback on January 13, 2013 at 9:35a

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Can't blame Thad. We had Craft on the team and Scott committed and needed bigs not guards.

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Alex, your comment is more likely than the article's premise. I'm doubting, when coaches decide whether to offer a kid, they consult Rivals or ESPN ratings to say, "Let's see if this kid is any good according to the recruiting services..."
They use their own talent evaluators to figure out which players would fit their needs. As you said - OSU needed bigs, not guards, and they already had Scott. It was a matter of space/need. Simple as that.

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True. Meant to imply reviews, not ratings. 

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Welp, that sucked. Wish he was here. I will no longer hold a grudge against him.

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This happened to my nephew. He liked OSU but never got a scholly offer. Then TTUN offered him a full ride for baseball, and he committed. He broke the all-time stolen base record in his sophomore season there.
You just never know for sure how these kids are going to pan out.



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There's never not a "need" for someone who might be the best player in the country as a sophomore, I don't care what position he plays. The fact that he's led Michigan back into national relevance for the first time since today's players were babies just makes it worse.
No one wants to tar and feather Matta for this mistake, but pretending it wasn't a mistake is a denial of common sense.

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Must not have read the article.

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Mistake in hindsight..perhaps....but you know what they say about hindsight.

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Yep - hindsight always makes an ass of out you and me...I'm pretty sure that's what I always heard about hindsight. My other favorite saying is that when you assume, the view is 20/20.

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Burke is a good player but I would have still taken Craft and Scott. Hopefully Burke leaves after this year and has a long NBA career.

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Well he had one foot out the door last year, so there is probably a good chance he is gone after this season.

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Yep surprised he came back. I think scuM was too, didn't they reach on a pg because they thought he was?

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Surprised, yes.  As I mentioned on another thread, pics were tweeted of Burkes dorm room that had everything packed up.  Everyone assumed he was gone.
"Reach on the PG?"  No, no reach.  They were set to take Amedeo Della Valle's commitment but offered Spike Albrecht and he committed just before Amedeo was about to pledge.  They wanted a true PG to spell Burke both for in-game rest, and for next year when Burke will surely be gone, rather than another SG.

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Still would want Craft and Scott.  Burke is a good player, he needs to take his skills to the league.

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Craft and Scott were better fits (until this year when we need a scorer). Thad doesn't typically have a volume shooter as his point guard unless you're Evan Turner.

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I'm sorry, but I'm tired of hearing about how OSU missed on Burke.  It seems like this has been discussed numerous times, between posts on here, and in the Dispatch today in the Sports section.  We get it - Burke is from Columbus, OSU didn't offer him a schollie, he's better than the reports indicated, and he's been a very good player for that team up north.  Sure, if he came to the good guys, that would be great.  But he didn't.  And I frankly don't care.  I'm happy with the players that OSU has been able to get under Thad Matta.  The proof is in the pudding. 

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This just in Trey Burke is 1-3 vs Ohio State