DeVier Posey Tears His Achilles

By Ramzy Nasrallah on January 13, 2013 at 8:22p
Shortly after making an acrobatic TD catch in the Texans playoff loss to the Patriots. (
Source: @McClain_on_NFL

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this is terrible news man, feel bad for him. Hope he gets it repaired and rehabs like none other... good luck to him

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Get well soon DP

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Good luck with rehab Devier.  Tough break.

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he looked pretty good today - great catch on his back for the score

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DAMN.  Sorry man!  I hope you get back to 100% soon.

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Strange. It happened on a false start I believe. That's a bummer. He was playing well & had that crazy TD...Get well DP.

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That is a pisser.  It was nice to see him start doing well toward the end of the year.  Hopefully he'll be fully rehabed for the start of next season.

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That's an awful injury.  My thoughts are with Devier.  Hopefully he can recover from this.  That was a heck of a catch he made, and I think he can be a good weapon for the Texans.  Best wishes.

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Follow this link to see the fantastic catch he made before the injury, just scroll down a little and it's there

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Tough break; he was having his best game as pro; get well DeVier!

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Hated to see it happen. Godspeed in your recovery DeVier

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That's awful. Hope he recovers quickly. That TD catch was pretty impressive.

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Awful luck man. 

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Damn shame it happened to him. I hope he does all the exercises his therapists give him. I had a knee replaced and the exercises are really important to his recovery. You have to do them so your muscles build up the memory and you don't favor one side over the other. Good luck DeVier.

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That dude can not catch a break. NCAA ruled him "worst person in world" (seriously who else gets a 10 game suspension, there are many occurances where players have taken much more and got much less) and now he finally starts to get going in NFL and this. Hopefully he can have an ADP like recovery.

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Good luck and best wishes, DeVier, on your recovery & rehab!

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That's too bad

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