A Visual Representation of Just How Good USC's Class Is

By Jason Priestas on January 5, 2013 at 8:00a

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Yea, but daddy is no longer coaching the defense. And we all saw how bad Kiffin calls an offense, even with all that talent 

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Monte's "Tampa 2" was awful at SC.

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Lack of athletes at the right spots. Hard to believe, I know but even at USC it can happen. They didn't have the right player to rush the QB at the middle of the line and lacked the linebacker capable of dropping deep enough, quick enough in the middle of the field. Cover 2 is a common coverage that anyone can run, the Tampa\Dungy variation of it requires a few key pieces, basically up the middle. You need a disruptive DT, a real incredible LB, and at least one 'center fielder' type safety capable of moving people into the right spots while both safeties have to be disciplined enough to stay deep.

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USC is the new Texas, great recruiting classes and no Nat'l Championships to show for it!!!


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I couldn't agree more.  Lane Kiffin has done less with more than any coach over the past 5 years.  Bottom line is a bunch of those kids go to SC because of the "Hollywood" factor...translation: too many distractions.  Sure you can get great talent to come to SC, but can Kiffin keep them focused while developing that talent during the course of their careers. 

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It's a toss up between him and Richt for wasting talent.

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I'd throw Brown and Fisher in that hat.

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Can not have this discussion without John Cooper.....sadly

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Add in dabo swinney! At least Richt isnt such a douchebag like lane kiffin.

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All of the above may be true, but it's still one of the most impressive recruiting classes you're ever going to see.  Lane might not be much of a coach, but he's one hell of a recruiter.

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No one can say our class is better than USC's or Alabama's when all is said and done. Well jump ND IMO and hold off Florida, but the quality of the top two classes is ridiculous. We got a great class, but theirs are just ridiculous. Hopefully Kiffin is there to hol them back ;)

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give urban another year of penetration, the '13 NC and no scholarship restrictions and OSU has that 'rediculous' class year in-year-out. #1 in the country every year in recruiting and on the field!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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He has a lot more talent to go 7-5 again

Wherever you are, there you be!

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If he goes 7-5 or 8-4 for the next two seasons, will he even get a chance to coach this sick class? I wonder if most of them will make the field before he gets shown the door.

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To paraphrase the Obamaphone Lady "Lane Kiffin? He Sucks!"

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you listen to too much 700wlw lol!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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it showed this year for sc that depth is an issue and now there scholie reductions kick in. could you imagine having to be at 72 for next 3 yrs? even with classes like this with high end talent but small #s sc is in for a struggle.

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Kiffin has to prove he can beat Oregon and Stanford before winning a title. He could land the greatest recruiting class in the history of the universe and still lose to both those schools.

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just like Pete Carroll had issues with Oregon State and Stanford.

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No doubt it's a great class, but all that picture tells me is that 90% of their all-star game players chose the Army game over the Under Armor game.  I counted 13 in the picture, but I only saw 2 for USC at the UA game last night.  Depending on how things close out, tOSU could easily end up with 15 all-star game players between the two games.

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They could be all current NFL all pros and would still equal and 8-4 season under
Lane "game of shadows" Kiffin

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USC is like any other Los Angeles, CA entity.  It sounds great, it looks great, and they promise you the hottest chicks, the best weather, and that you'll be a millionare celebrity when its all said and done, and all you have to do is just show up and it's all yours.  It's the ideal recruiting pitch to a 17 year old football star.
Doesn't mean they're going to win a damn thing.

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i may be completely off the mark here since it's only based on 1 data point, but it seems that ACC/SEC prefers the UA game since it's in FL and PAC-12/Big 12 prefers US Army game since it's in texas.  B1G is basically sandwiched in the middle so you get a mixed of both.  maybe that's why USC is loaded on the US Army roster?  just like how SEC (the team, lol) is loaded on the UA game.

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This could be true to an extent.  But not everyone in a given recruiting class is a high school all-american that plays in these games.  For example, only about 1/3 (or 8-10 total) of Ohio State's class is playing in these games.  Basically all the members of USC's 15-person class are playing in these games.  USC's class is impressive on paper.  13 of their 15 total are in Scout's top-100.  2nd on that list is Alabama with 10, 3rd is ND with 7, then OSU/UM with 5.

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Is Michael Hill missing?

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Kiffin should be able to make half the players in that picture appear mediocre by their junior year

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Man. All that talent will be dominant enough to get them back to the National Championship by their Jr. seasons 
Under new head coach Chris Petersen.