Ohio State Leads 247's 2014 Basketball Recruiting Rankings

By Alex on January 30, 2013 at 5:29p

Here's how things stack up, according to 247 Sports:

1. Ohio State
SF Keita Bates-Diop (#20 247Sports/ #23 247Composite)
SF Jae’Sean Tate (#53 247Sports/ #47 247Composite)

2. Syracuse
PF Chris McCullough (#3 247Sports/ #9 247Composite)

3. Kentucky
PF Karl Towns Jr. (#11 247Sports/ #7 247Composite)

4. North Carolina State
SF Cody Martin (#43 247Sports/ #36 247Composite)
SF Caleb Martin (#44 247Sports/ #35 247Composite)

5. North Carolina
PG Joel Berry (#25 247Sports/ #15 247Composite)

6. Louisville
PG Quentin Snider (#27 247Sports/ #26 247Composite)

7. BYU
CG T.J. Haws (#34 247Sports/ #70 247Composite)

8. South Carolina
PG Marcus Stroman (#36 247Sports/ #93 247Composite)

9. Virginia
CG B.J. Stith (#41 247Sports/#40 247Composite)

10. Miami
SG Adonys Henriquez (#62 247Sports/ #48 247Composite)

11. Maryland
CG Romelo Trimble (#63 247Sports/ #59 247Composite)

12. Arizona State
SF Kodi Justice (#113 247Sports/ #114 247Composite)
C Connor MacDougall (#88 grade/ #155 247Composite)

13. Xavier
PF Melvin Swift (#70 247Sports/ #65 247Composite)

14. Wake Forest
PG Shelton Mitchell (#74 247Sports/ #42 247Composite)

15. Michigan State
SG Drake Harris (#84 247Sports/ #97 247Composite)

16. Indiana
SG James Blackmon Jr. (#92 247Sports/ #79 247Composite)

17. New Mexico
SG Xavier Adams (#94 247Sports/ #149 247Composite)

18. Missouri
PG Anton Beard (#99 247Sports/ #74 247Composite)

19. California
PG Ahmaad Rorie (#102 247Sports/ #102 247Composite)

20. Wisconsin
SF Ethan Happ (#103 247Sports/ #113 247Composite)


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ohhiyo's picture

haha drake harris

BrewstersMillions's picture

Great football team? Great basketball team? Bright future for both?
First world Buckeye problems....

buckeye4life050233's picture

Tate is a special player.  A lot like david light coming out of high school.  Played second fiddle behind Caris Levert (Michigan 1st of the bench this year) last year on the way to the state title....kid has some hops as well....will be a good addition to the osu roster

Killer nuts's picture

Obviously a long way to go with these rankings and this class but this should help to get people off Thad's back about his ability to get big time recruits 

O-H-I-Owe-U's picture

Okafor would be a nice addition to our class.

AJBor41's picture

Agreed.  It seems like Matta has done well recruiting in Illinois (Bates-Diop, Lenzelle Smith Jr., Sam Thompson, Evan Turner, etc.) so it's nice to see that 2 of the top 3 big men in that class are from Chicago (Okafor and Cliff Alexander).

bergy22's picture

Should have plenty of forwards, need a Big and a point. Scott/Williams/McDonald will be  seniors. Tyus Jones + Okafor? Wishful thinking but a man can hope.

d5k's picture

I think this could be thad 5 remix edition. And if so 2014-15 will be quite the season with a mix of veterans and young guns.

bergy22's picture

Seniors: Scott, Ross, Thompson, A. Williams, McDonald 
Junior: Della Valle
Sophmores: Loving, K. Williams
Incoming: Tate, Bates-Diop
Looks like we will be real deep on the wing but extremely thin on the front line. McDonald and Williams and that's it. I don't see Loving filling out into a post, looks more like a LaQ Ross type player, long 6'8" perimeter shooter.

d5k's picture

But we only play 1 traditional big man so if Amir and McDonald develop that won't be that big of a deal for that year (the following year however...).  Ross will likely inherit the stretch 4 position that Thomas has occupied the last 2 years.  With Thompson's quickness we could play him at the 2 defensively and have a super-long perimeter team if Loving starts or at the 3 if Williams or Della Valle starts.  We need another ball handler to backup Scott unless we run some lineups with no traditional PG (think Evan Turner at PG or the starting lineup with Craft on the bench as a freshman) since once again Thompson can guard multiple positions.
But yea if we add a ball handler / playmaker and a big man who can rebound, we will be pretty set for 2015+.  Very important recruiting class, but that means recruits will see an opportunity to contribute that they didn't see the last couple years.

FloridaBuck's picture

This is probably a stupid question, but can anyone tell me the difference between the first ranking and the composite ranking?  I tried to research it on 247s site and came up with nothing.