Penn State defeats Lady Bucks, 71-56, at Value City Arena

By Vico on January 27, 2013 at 4:16p

Ohio State, previously conference giants, is now 1-6 in league play.  At 11-9 before February, the season is very much in jeopardy.  If you're the "abandon ship" type of Buckeye basketball fan, this might be the time to do it.


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I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

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I was at the game today for SGSR. I have to say, the team doesn't look like they are all together. The Buckeyes were getting dominated on the glass today and it's been a recurring problem this year. I'm really starting to wonder if the full effort is there from everybody on the team.

It's true... We really are a bunch of nuts!
Go Bucks!

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Last year the team was about 90 percent dependant upon Sammie Prahalis. Not surprising that they're struggling this year. Watching the games, it seems like they're trying to put Tayler Hill in Sammie's 90 percent slot. The problem is that only works with truly great players. Tayler is a very good player, but she needs help and to be in a system that utilizes everybody.
this is part of my complaint with the coach. He did the same thing with Jantelle Lavender. He finds a horse and rides it. I think the team would often be more effective with some support from the other players.

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Coming into the year, I knew that there would probably be some drop off. But to have a 9 point lead at the half and lose at home by 15, I think there are bigger issues with this team.

It's true... We really are a bunch of nuts!
Go Bucks!

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And Hill is a senior, which means prospects for near term improvement don't look too good.

We're actually lucky we have Hill, who is a legacy player; otherwise, it's hard to see why she would have come to Ohio State. Despite all the March difficulties, you couldn't really think about replacing Bill Foster before now because the regular season records have simply been too good, but a season like this has been an inevitability since it became clear we weren't going to be replacing Lavender with another superstar. The program just isn't getting it done on the recruiting front, and when you consider the caliber of girls' basketball in Ohio, there's not really an excuse for that.

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I think it's about time for a coaching change. Recruiting is average at best as is the NCAA tournament record; even when he had the players. 

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