With all of its Success, Mount Union Motivated for More

By Jason Priestas on December 13, 2012 at 9:20a

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Sounts...HA.  That is a funny word.

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Paul Gulling U!!!!!!!!!!!

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Losing 4 national titles would suck lol

stark county football

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You guys would appreciate this.  In the local Mount Union newspaper yesterday was a letter to the editor saying that the Purple Raiders are too good for DIII and they should join the B1G because they would "probably beat the Ohio State Buckeyes".  These comments from ignorant football fans come every single year that they've been good, and that is why I always root against Mount Union.  

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While Mt. Union has a very good football team, some people just don't understand the difference between DI and D III. I played D II ball and can say that while we were a pretty good team, we could not have stayed on the field with a middle of the road DI school.
I do however root for Mr. Union. These are still mostly Ohio kids playing, not for scolorship's or future NFL contracts, but simply because they love the game. It is some of the best football you will see if you watch it much. They ave very well coached and their execution is almost flawless at times. The only difference between them and OSU, is the size (although not much different by position) and the speed (there is the major difference). 

But anyway, here is hoping that Mt. Union brings home another title to the great state of Ohio in spite of what some ill informed fans may believe.

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Not really a difference in size at mount union. I played there from 1999 to 2004 and the difference is speed. My senior year our o line averaged about 5 pounds heavier than tOSU.  But speed is showing up there in the form of Pierre garcon and Cecil Shorts.  Just not the speed all around like DI

Purple Raider

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I will agree that those comments are ignorant. I played at Mount Union and was part of 3 consecutive NC's. lost 2 games in 5 years there. Mount probably could make a jump to dII but obviously couldn't do much in dI. However we would def be competitive with some smaller dI schools. 
I am confused by your logic for cheering against them. The Ohio State Buckeyes are about to put together similar results of dominating the BiG and going to multiple NC's. will you eventually cheer against them because some ignorant person writes an article stating tOSU could beat most NFL teams??  
At least come up with good logic for cheering against someone besides other people writing they are good. 

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As a Muskingum College/University alum, I'm glad my alma mater has been a part of MU's success through the years...

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