Rumor: Tommy Sanders to Texas A&M

December 18, 2012 at 9:17p    by Alex    
Taylor Hamm of 247 saying that's the case, but still smoke that it may not be decided yet. (
Source: @taylorhamm247


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Commit #34 huh?  They are adapting to the SEC way quite nicely.  

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This just means Trey Johnson and Mike Mitchell are Buckeyes.

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I agree. Sanders committing to aTm makes it sound as if Mitchell is not as high on them as we thought. Hopefully he realizes Columbus is the place to be in 2013!!

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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I think Mitchell and Johnson are in regardless, but I did edit this to say rumor as apparently it's not 100% done per his coach

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Either way, good to hear about Mitchell and Johnson.
I don't follow the recruiting game real closely, but it always seemed like three more LBs in this class would be a bit of a squeeze. Tyquan Lewis is a projected viper, right? Darron Lee looks like he might be able to play LB. Last year's class still holds a lot of promise and next year's crop is supposedly stacked with LBs. 

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Sanders to A&M happening...crazy recruitment

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ESPN is running with this too.  I thought for sure he would end up as a buckeye, not sure how A&M still has room 

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A&M's class now officially as big as USC's and tOSU's... combined.

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What is the deal this new 25 recruit limit in the SEC?
They say you have to have 25 or less per class and yet nobody seems to care. They all just do it any way?
The problem is this Commissioner isn't doing it right. If I were making a rule with a pointless cutoff built in I'd at least have the decency to make it high enough that no-one could reach it. Though, I bet these coaches would still give it a shot! "50 you say!? Well Let's see if we can't just get that 51st guy!"

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you wanted me to think of jerry seinfeld saying all that right? because my God it worked!!!!

I like football

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That was the goal... I think it's called "The Morgan Freeman Rule"