New Badger Coach Gary Anderson is the Anti-Bielema

By Jason Priestas on December 19, 2012 at 6:41p
After the news broke, he made 106 or so phone calls to each of his players, informing them personally. (
Source: @TomMulhernWSJ

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I assume this means he called his Utah State players not the Badger players. Also I feel kinda sorry for the players getting the 2 am phone calls. 

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Fall semester is done at Utah State. Their season is finished. The players were probably up at that hour.

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Classy move. I feel like many coaches don't practice this today when bolting for other jobs. This guy seems pure Utah.

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I've been building up a healthy hatred of Wisconsin in the past few years; I'm not sure I can allow knowledge of their new coach being a decent guy to enter my brain.

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After watching Keener run the offense like a fifth year senior as a freshman, and the overall quality of USt efforts, I am very excited to have Anderson leading the Badgers. We need a strong Whisky (!).

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Let's hope this nice guy finishes our division every year.

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Man I was hoping he was going to be a douche. I don't know which coach I'm gonna hate on now. (aside from the jabba the hoke)

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That's class. Those kids will never forget that and will respect him in the future for it.  Are we sure he's going to Wisky with that attitude?

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Classy guy here. It's probably what Wisky needs after that mouth breather they had the last 7 season. Welcome Gary. Now eat your damn cake.

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Makes it harder to hate him like we hate bielema.  We will see once he gets to Wisconsin though, maybe bielema wasn't too bad until he started working for Alvarez 

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Right. My first thought was: Damn - I may not be able to hate Wiscy as much now...I mean - half the fun of CFB is despising rival coaches!

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I'm curious how Anderson will do at Wisky, and I'm referring to recruiting as well as coaching.
Before Anderson, Utah State hadn't had a .500+ winning percentage since 1997 when John L. Smith was their coach.  Anderson coached them to 4-8 records in his first two seasons, but then they finished 7-6 in 2011 and 11-2 in 2012.  Perhaps Wisky fans should be excited...

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Seems like a real nice and classy dude.  I'm still not thrilled about the hire.  I figure if your getting a B1G time coaching gig, like Wisky is/should be, your overall record should be above .500, but that's just me.

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