Malzahn Back to Auburn

By Jason Priestas on December 4, 2012 at 3:48p

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Floodgates are officially open.

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is michael dyer coming back too....

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Excellent hire.  I argue he was responsible for almost all of Chizik's wins anyway.  I wonder if he's leaving the wife behind...?

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That and a $180K "amateur" QB.

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It's true when they say money can buy anything...

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This is interesting. Remember when he took the Arkansas St. job and everyone was SHOCKED b/c he could've gotten way better offers? And he said something about being from that area and wanting to build that program up etc etc. 
And now he's back at Auburn. Methinks he knew Chizik was a fraud and that he was the reason they won it all (well, him and Cam newton) and that if he left and waited it out that Chizik would be exposed soon enough. 
The gamble seems to have paid off. 

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And things come full circle. 

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Guess Auburn didn't board the Bert train quick enough.

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This hire makes the most sense of any.  He's familiar with almost all the players, the school, the administration, the conference, the high school coaches... it's a home run hire for Auburn from a PR standpoint, I think.
The interesting thing is the entire offensive side of the ball at Auburn was recruited for Malzahn's offense, and was used this past year in a more pro-style offense.  It was square-peg in a round-hole.  You'd think Auburn would see a pretty quick offensive turnaround, as long as War Eagle hasn't lost too many guys over the past year to suspension, arrests, transfers, etc.

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Exceeeeeeeept that he was on Chizik's staff.  Might be collateral damage during an NCAA investigation--especially if something turns up while they're investigating Trooper Taylor and the other assistant's recruiting methods.

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Hodge, you silly goose. Auburn's in the SEC, they won't be seeing any NCAA penalties.

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Auburn fans: I can't wait til Malzahn's wife embarresses you all on national TV.

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Is she drunk?  Normal people don't act like that...

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I had the same thought.

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Hopefully this puts Derrick Green in Auburn... And doesn't effect Shelton Gibson....

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remember the "we want a winner, not a loser" guy? yeah, seems relevant.

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how does this effect trey johnson??? does malzhan keep the defensive staff and the guys recruiting trey?

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I think this guy is one of the top 2 or 3, if not The, best offensive minds in the college game today

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It's a great hire until Bama beats his face in.

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