Denard Robinson at Cornerback in the NFL?

By Jason Priestas on December 25, 2012 at 4:12a

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Quick and fast don't necessarily translate to elite at any position, though it'd probably help a lot more at corner.  I think that Denard should be turned into a Darren Sproles type of player.  Thrown a few passes, run a few times, generally used situationally where he can do the most damage.  He's not an every down guy.  He's too fragile for that.  Though I guess as a slot receiver he'd avoid a lot of the damage done by streaking linebacks like RDS.

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He could play corner only for teams who don't like their corners to tackle anybody.

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we saw what happened in the Alabama game when he tried to tackle someone.
-out with a shoulder injury.

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True. He is Devin Hester in the NFL, just not as good.

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Not even close. Plus, everyone knew Devin would contribute on special teams coming out of Miami. No one knew that he'd end up being the greatest return man ever but his role in the NFL was determined. If he could give you anything at CB or WR that would have been a bonus. Believe me, he was PR\KR the second Chicago called his name. Denard isn't that.

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I actually think this makes sense. Dude's not gonna be playing QB, at least not a legit, take every snap, non-Wilcat, QB. I could see him also returning kicks/punts like a Josh Cribbs/Devin Hester type speedster.
He's a heck of an athlete and has good wheels and acceleration, so I'm interested to see how this plays out.

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It would be very funny to see him try to cover Calvin Johnson and get his shoes trucked off

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If he takes one big hit from an NFL LB, he's done for good. 

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gotta have the quick-turning, elastic hips to play CB in the NFL

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Meh, kick return specialist is where I'd peg him at. Maybe line him up in the wildcat for a gadget play or two.

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Cb if he gained about 40lbs