Bradley Roby Sophomore Highlights

By Jason Priestas on December 25, 2012 at 4:15a

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Love this kid!  Hope he stays another year. 

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Roby is one of my favorite players on this team.  Guy came in with little acclaim (how did Vandy find him and no one else did???), but has turned himself into a first round pick.  Best part of this video, though, was seeing Coach Coombs jumping around whenever Roby made a big play or was thisclose to coming up with the pick.  At one point I swear he's 3 feet off the ground after Roby tipped it and Bryant had the ball ricochet off his fingers and go incomplete.  Love Coach Coombs.  He's freaking awesome.

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According to his offer list coming out of HS he wasn't that unknown... had offers from:
Bama, Auburn, tOSU, Georiga, BC, S. Carolina, WVU, and others.  But regardless I'm glad we stole him from Vandy.
Now someone needs to make a Shazier highlight tape.

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Further proving stars aren't everything.

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agreed Tyrann Matheui was number 31 on that same list. If he could stay off the weed, he would be a top 10 pick

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Dude is a beast and an absolute playmaker, would love to see him flying around the shoe for one more year

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Sweet! Thanks for the link.

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One thing I think Roby doesn't get the credit he deserves for, is how many times this season did we see him come up and make a tackle on the RB on the edge? That's what separates most great CBs from good CBs in my opinion--the ability to be involved in not only stopping the passing game, but also being active in stopping the run game, as well. He made a lot of tackles from the CB position and forced teams to run inside.

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Exactly. As Ross has pointed out in many a defensive recap, Roby has excelled as a force player by lining up in the slot, then coming hard downhill to help out in the run game. Considering how often he's going head-to-head against 6'2", 220-lb B1G halfbacks, the guy's technique is flawless. Would love to see him just go crazy after another year in the 'Shoe.

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I hope he comes back man....

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He better stay or we might be screwed playing a whole bunch of young CB's