Boom's Big Play

By Alex on December 14, 2012 at 10:33a

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If running back doesn't work out, maybe he should move to outside linebacker. He looked like one on that rush. Made that blocker look foolish.

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He looked pretty good last night, they even let him carry the ball a bit in junk time--he's got a nice burst compared to Green-Ellis.
He did get nailed for a 15 yard penalty for an absolutely vicious blindside block on a punt return, though.

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Didn't see the play, but at least he was out trying to make a play and being agressive.  Have to be careful on those things now, they are calling a lot of those (like the one on Kenny Bell in the B1G championship game)

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It wasn't that bad of a hit but there was another player right behind him which led to an awkward collision and probably a bad case of whiplash. It still was a penalty though.

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Didn't he also get a piece of a punt against Dallas last week?  Either he got a finger or two on it ormade the punt result in a semi-shank.

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Yeah he did get a touch on a punt against Dallas.

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Out of all the Tat-gate members I truly believe Boom was the only one that was sorry for his actions and tried to earn his way back into the program by mentoring through the suspension. His emotions were very evident during pregame at Nebraska and he always gave 110% on every run. Good luck BOOOOOOOM and I hope the Bengals continue to utilize your talent and drive!

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Boom said "Hey Marvin, remember when we used to kick your ass out at Iowa? You do now."

Our Honor Defend!

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he had a couple partials last week... dudes on a terror off the edge.

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Is it just me or does he look bigger than he use to?

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He's put on some muscle mass.

Saw him at the bank this summer.  Dude is jacked.

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He made Marvin McNutt block his own teammate's punt...lmao...go Boom! 

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It looked like he might have stolen McNutt's lunch money during that play too.