B1G Bowl Pairings Shaping Up

By Ramzy Nasrallah on December 2, 2012 at 4:06p

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Minnesota will get absolutely demolished.

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I hope Buffalo Wild Wings has some killer specials for that game.

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Wow not sure I'd watch any of those BCS games...
Bama vs ND - maybe
FSU vs Northern Ill - no
Oregon Vs Kstate - maybe a little
Florida vs Louisville - no
Wisky vs Standford - maybe a little

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I'd watch K-State vs. Oregon and the title game.  That's about it.

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Same thought. I know there's a logic/pre-existing conditions they're meeting, but I feel like two of those games could be made SO much more watchable by switching out Florida or Florida State and going:

Sugar Bowl - Florida vs. Florida State
Orange Bowl - Louisville vs. NIU

^Only problem is, the attendance & TV ratings for the Louisville vs NIU game would be on par with a regular Thursday ESPN game (i.e. little to none). But I don't think anyone can say that Florida vs. Louisville or FSU vs NIU games are watchable.

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Agreed.   They should just announce the teams who make it to the BCS games other than the NC game and let the fans decide the match ups.  I know that would have never happened in the BCS, but that would have been a cool wrinkle to put into the system. 

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Your not watching the rose bowl???

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Wow and looking at the big10 projections... not sure any big10 team will win their bowl game this year!  That would be embarrasing.

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Yeah, but the conference's prospects in the future are sure to improve once Jim Delany finishes adding three or four more Purdues to the conference.
Hells Yeah!

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I think Northwestern could win, but they'll probably blow the game in the 4th quarter if they're winning.  Even if they do win, it's going to be another ugly New Year's Day for the Big Ten...

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I'm not sure I see a win anywhere for the B1G.  Maybe MSU in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl? 

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Yeah MSU pry has the best chance. If TCU's starting QB never got kicked off the team, then I'd say no.  But that Boykin guy is pretty good.  But you never know, I could see NW beating Miss St.  They already beat a good Vandy team this year minus their game vs Georgia. 

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I actually think MSU got a pretty good matchup. Sparty should win that one, provided they don't, well, pull a Sparty. I think Northwestern could easily beat Miss. State, as the Bulldogs are VASTLY overrated (just like 10 other SEC teams). Aside from those games, the Rose Bowl is the only other decent matchup for the B1G; I could see Wisky winning that one. Purdue, Nebraska and Michigan will all get hammered.

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Call me crazy, but for some strange reason, I see the B1G having a winning record in bowl games this year. Someone remove these homer glasses from me!

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I see The crapshow that is the non-OSU B1G going 0-7, but I like your version better.
Hope you're right- not because I give a crap about other B1G teams, f*** them, but because I hate the SEC and many of the B1G games are against the SEC.

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Ugh...I think South Carolina is the one team that ttun could beat. I wouldn't bet on it, but I'd rather see them get curb stomped by Florida, Georgia, or LSU.

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S Carolina did beat Georgia 35-7.  I think they'll destroy the wolverqueens.  Nasty D.  Clowney will dominate.

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USC beat the hell out of Georgia and their D is every bit as nasty as Florida or LSU...Their 2 losses came to LSU and Florida without Lattimore...The Florida game looked BAD but the defense actually played better than the score...Florida had 21 points in the first half but 23 yards thanks to USC offensive TO's.  The 2nd half got out of hand because the team just quit...If Michigan had a chance against any of those teams I'd say LSU because their offense is TERRIBLE but the D is stellar.  Maybe Michigan 17-10 if the D shows up.

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These bowl matchups aren't nearly as bad for the b1g as I would've thought.  As long as we take the rose bowl I will be happy with that I guess.  I'm hoping for the best.

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I think the Rose Bowl is the B1G's best shot

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I tend to agree, assuming Wisky plays with anywhere near the same attitude they did last night. It's a whole month away though. . .

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i dont get the root for the conference thing it really doesnt matter even in as bad a year as the bigten had tv and what not still say osu may have been number two which puts them in the champ game
also i refuse to root for anyone but nerdwestern minnesota when it comes to our conference for example u actually want beliema to win ahhh no!, ttun nope, sparty nope, maybe the cornpeople ehh  purdont no

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So we get to watch the Wolverines get pounded by 'Cocks. Hmm, strange imagery right there.

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Some of the comments on the message board of that article are hilarious. 

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That Cap One Bowl matchup....*shutters*

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I really wanted to see Florida/Oregon. Or Oregon/Florida State. These BCS games are terrible.  Also, there are WAY too many "home" games in this bowl schedule. This system is mangled beyond repair.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT