Wetzel on Meyer

By Jason Priestas on November 24, 2012 at 6:12p

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Best media article of the year as far as I'm concerned. The man who will change the Big Ten and bring the glory back to this conference is Urban Meyer. Expansion, OOC scheduling, and TV markets will not deliver absolution to the B1G, only wins--starting with Meyer--will.

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I think this whole thing about the B1G being down etc has nothing to do with expansion at all. The B1G isn't adding Rutgers and Maryland to compete with the SEC or anyone else.

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Great article, but to me, Urban Meyer is returning OHIO STATE to prominence. Screw the rest of the Big Ten.
EDIT: Now that I read the article again, I'm a dummy. That's the point Wetzel was making. It's either let Ohio State dominate the conference for the next decade, or make some changes to try to become competetive. Your move, rest of the Big 10.

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I was good with the article until Wetzel started in with his mock indignation over the fans somehow finding it in them to give Tressel an ovation.  Whatever you do, do not click on the linked article in that paragraph because you'll just get more mock indignation about how us cheering for Tessel just proves that winning matters more than anything. No Wetzel, winning isn't everything.  Being a good man who taught hundreds of young people how to carry themselves is everything.  Wetzel is a blowhard. F-him.

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Ummm, it's BCS level football of course winning is everything.  Ask Bama and Notre Dame if they'd want their coaches as friends or neighbors.  Honest fans would tell you know.  Those guys will stop at nothing to win ball games though, that's why their behaviors and horrible choices are tolerated.  The fact that Brian Kelly still has a job proves that winning is all that matters in Notre Dame. 

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Optimism and momentum are so high in Columbus, fans even gave a rousing standing ovation Saturday to former coach Jim Tressel. That's the very man responsible for the NCAA sanctions that prohibit this team from playing for the Big Ten and, perhaps, the national title.

I keep hearing this a lot...  but wasn't the bowl ban due to the "second offense" when players were acting up in the offseason after Tressel got fired?  I'm tired of hearing Tressel being blamed when it wasn't all on him.

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Yes, it was the "second offense," but that doesn't fit into the dumbasses in the sports media's narrative. "Tressel bad man, we no like.  All bads come from evil Tressel man.  Why Buckeyes still cheer him?  He make season over early."

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hahaaha LMAO. why can't i upvote this TRUTH?


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Yep, That's Wetzel practicing revisionist reporting. Also in that second article that has the Related link in the above article, Wetzel says:

Tressel's inaction was eventually uncovered and first reported by Yahoo! Sports in March 2011.

Now who's lying Dan? Yahoo! Sports did not uncover Tressel's inaction and you know it. Ohio State's Compliance Office uncovered Tressel's coverup. Yahoo! Sports received a tip from someone at the NCAA and then started their own investigation. Asshole.

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This is exactly the point I was going to make above but got too pissed thinking about it. All Wetzel "uncovered" was that an investigation had been going on...for three months before Yahoo "broke" the story. Someone basically leaked to Yahoo that the investigation was ongoing.  That's it. Smith said as much when they had a press conference the day after the article ran.  Such BS.  Notice that he doesn't say that JT's inaction was eventually uncovered by Yahoo. Just that it was first reported by Yahoo.  Good word-smithing Wetzel. Eat a dick.

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I hate the idea of him being an sec coach, he is a big ten midwestern coach who was a graduate assistant under Earle Bruce.  He never oversigned etc.

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12-0...... Fuc$ off NCAA!!!