Not So Fast, Midget

By Jason Priestas on November 17, 2012 at 12:25p

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That's great! But who is Croso? ;-)

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The best part is that he has no idea why Herbie is laughing.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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He also absolutely manhandled that live duck after the headgear donning. Unnecessary to bring that animal out for that display. 

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Lol i saw that. I thought the duck was going to shit on Corso.

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Lol I love corso's outburst

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"ahh fuck it"

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Can't wait to hear Herbie blast Corso on his radio show on Monday for this outrageous hate speech from Corso.

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Haha I saw that live and had that "oh man I just saw something that's going to be a big deal" feeling.

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I like Corso for his relationship with Woody, but it's time for him to retire.

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What's wrong with playfully calling a little kid "midget"?  It was funny.

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Yeah, we are really getting way to PC for me to even be comfortable when speaking out loud nowadays.

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I agree that Corso has lost a step (or two) and that it is time for him to retire before he makes a big enough mistake to get fired.  I was flabbergasted to learn a few weeks ago that ESPN extended his contract for 2 years...

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Good. But not as good as Neil Everrett dropping a SOB and GD last night on late night SportsCenter. His apology after commercial was gold

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Not sure if any of you caught Corso today on game also making fun of Desmond Howard.  Evidently Howard had a blanket on his lap come he was too cold...what a puss...and Corso called him out asking him if he had his "blankey" was so out of left field and caught Howard off guard...but it was hilarious.  Corso is nuts and is bascially says whatever he wants and I love it!  I loved him calling Howard out though, that was classic! 

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The little kid did an decent job on his picks: 54%. And called Baylor over KState...

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I guess doing (slightly) better than a coin toss isn't bad for a 5-year-old...

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