Jim Boeheim Goes Off on Conference Expansion

By Jason Priestas on November 22, 2012 at 8:47a

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I would love it if Brazil and Argentina were states! Good beaches, great soccer. This Panamanian-born Buckeye approves of your idea, Jim.
I look forward to the Northwestern-Buenos Aries Tech rivalry game too

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hot girls too
I thought that quote was funny too. boeheim made a somewhat inaccurate comparison with that one but there was some truth to it too and he got his point across (to me at least).

"I learned to dislike Michigan at a very young age.” – Urban F. Meyer

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Umm, how is that any different than buying the Louisiana Purchase off of France?  Or buying Alaska, which doesn't share a border with the contiguous states?  Or stealing Hawaii out in the middle of the f'ing ocean?  He's right, if guys like Delany, et al. ran the country, they would have expanded...just like what actually did happen.
And he has a lot of nerve coming out with this opinion NOW.