Hazell Named MAC Coach of the Year

By Jason Priestas on November 28, 2012 at 12:36p

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If I was an AD and I needed a head coach, I would definitely jump on this guy.

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No surprise, and well deserved.  Nice job coach!

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I thought Bill O'Brien was a shoo-in for this...
Oh, that's right; Penn State won't be MAC-level for another couple years.

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He did lose to the OU Bobcats......

-The Aristocrats!

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When he left I was a little surprised that Kent State was his biggest offer. That should change after this year. Wonder how long he'll stay there?

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Purdue, have you seen what this guy has done?  Open up the wallet and pay a young talented coach that could actually make your program decent again.  His situation is one that I would like to watch and see.  Will the B1G have programs that do something smart or will they let this guy go to a middling program in another big conference and turn them into a winner?  I would hope they'd offer this guy a spot, but fear they'll make another bonehead hire keeping them in bad shape and maintaining suckage in the B1G.

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Come on BT, you have got to stop using logic when thinking about the B1G.  Especially Purdont.  What were you thinking?

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The Official DDS of 11W

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Illinois, meet Tim Beckman.  Sound familiar?
Not saying it will or won't work out with Beckman in Champaign, but it's examples like the one above that might make Purdue hesitant about going for a MAC-bred world-beater.
Honestly, I hope it happens too.  Just like I hope that Beckman rights the ship in Champaign.  The B1G has a dearth of head coaching talent, I'd love to see that turned around.  Hell, maybe Purdue should look into an airraid desciple: systems like that do well even when you can't score blue-chip talent.

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That's fair, but every situation is different. Urban was a great hire out of the MAC.  RichRod was a horrible coach at Michigan but Kelly who was a gimmicky offense type of coach who didn't believe in D at UC wound up working out for Notre Dame.  I just think a guy like Hazzel who has always been a great assistant, and who has been so impressive at Kent State, is a coach that would be great to have in the B1G.  He's going to be a great coach, and the B1G needs guys like him if they are going to ever get any better because let's face it, there ain't no way a big time coach is coming to Purdue, even if they offer huge contracts.

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I don't know if evreything you say of Brian Kelly is fair...interestingly his background is all in defense back at Grand Valley State...I'm not sure how good or bad his defense at UC was but I'm not surprised he's made it a priority at ND.  

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His UC defenses weren't great.  Especially, the year they went undefeated before Florida housed them.  His first season or 2 it may have been pretty good, but honestly I attributed that to Dantonio.  He may have had more of a hand in on those early defenses than I give him credit for, but his best team at UC was not good defensively.

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I was also thinking Purdue is the obvious place for Hazell. There's no way that job can be harder than the one in Kent.

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Imagine after his 5th consecutive national championship, Urban Meyer decides that college football has left him no more mountains to climb. He rides off into the sunset to spend with his family and as an analyst, and, after moving from Kent State to Cal to Arkansas, Darrell Hazell comes back to lead the Buckeyes.

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I honestly felt like had Tressel still been @ OSU and retired there, that Hazell would've been the next coach @ OSU. A lot of people thought Fickell was being groomed for that, but I think Hazell would've been the guy.

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I recall seeing comments from former players who felt the same.

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Well-deserved for Hazell! Also, I just noticed he had Marcus Freeman as his linebacker's coach and assistant coach, that's awesome.

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The MAC championship game might be the only game I care about this weekend.
Go Golden Flashes!

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Unless,of course, the Flashes win it and go to the Orange Bowl.

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Ohio State's post urban coach? Looking good lol.

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It would be funny as hell if Colorado hired Hazell after all the "race" stuff was brought up with Embree.  

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.