Vrabo Still Has It

By Jason Priestas on October 26, 2012 at 9:20a
Ohio State student at Block "O" pumpkin-carving event decides to challenge Mike Vrabel one-on-one. RIP, "Jake B." (youtube.com)

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Stupid stupid kid bit off way more than he could chew. Looks like Vrabel's killer instinct just about took the kid out.
Lesson Learned!!!!!



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Not sure what the kid was thinking and/or trying to prove, but you basically summed up Block O's efforts in one word: "stupid". Although, surprisingly, they have pulled it together for quick cals.

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Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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He did it to win the pumpkin carving contest, and his team did. More of a "story you can tell your kids" than anything. Here's the Block "O" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtOTi3XRgVc&feature=youtu.be

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Why so serious?  I doubt he thought he was going to win that, and they both looked like they had a good time.  It's certainly an experience to scratch off the old bucket list - go mano a mano against an Super Bowl winner.  Props for the cojones, Josh B.

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To me it looked like Vrabel was going to play nice until the kid got a little too aggressive. Then Vrabel's competitive spirit kicked in, hence the forearm to the kids neck and running the kid into the girl against the wall. I stand by my comment, stupid stupid kid.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

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That's exactly what it looked like. For a second, the kid actually had some leverage. Then Mike Vrabel decided to be Mike Vrabel.

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Why is the kid stupid? He got to have a little pissing contest spar (which was all in good fun) with Mike Vrabel. Seems like he had a good time, and Vrabel certainly did. I don't really get the criticism coming from your commentary at times.  

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It looked like the blond girl that got sandwiched against the wall was the true loser in that contest!

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 I personally thought it was pretty funny. He's a pretty good friend of mine and I'm not surprised that he would try to do something like this. Lesson learned: When you go up against Vrabel, the chances of you winning are pretty slim.
Also, his name is Jake, not Josh. Just thought I should throw that out there. Thanks guys!

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At the end Vrabel's face looked pretty intense. I totally agree with klfleck

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Heh. Have any of you had an older dog and a puppy? That's what this reminds me of. At first it looked like Vrabel would be the nice guy and go along with it, kid decided to push it, and Vrabel, like the alpha dog he is, decided to let the kid/pup know his place. But still, can you imagine kid telling his friends about it, "yeah, I challenged Vrable to a circle drill-got my a$$ handed to me, but how cool is that?" Looked like all ended up well with smiles all around, along with friendly cuffs to kid/pup.

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When I was much younger, I wanted to put on pads and have Spielman put a good old fashioned slobber-knocker on me, just to see what it feels like. Now at 47 years old, I am glad it never happened because I still like being able to walk. Or eat solid food.

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That's assault, brother! (lol)

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Vrabel's face at the end was priceless.  If he wasn't in seek and destroy mode, then I don't know what it looks like.  I agree with some of the above posts.  That was all in good fun and what a story to tell your buddies. Not many of us will ever have the chance to challenge an all American and NFL defender to a shoving contest.  Even though Vrab's almost ended the kids life.
The blonde girl that got sandwiched may need a new pelvis.  Ouch!

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