Ohio High School Playoff Matchups Announced

By Jason Priestas on October 29, 2012 at 4:58a

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BTwrestle04's picture

Don't talk about my alma mater like that! Last time we played them in the playoffs (while I was in HS at least) we took them to overtime and should have beaten them!

Buckpocalypse's picture

St. X Colerain is gonna be a doozy.

btalbert25's picture

No doubt, congrats Colerain on your national ranking and undefeated season as a reward you get St X in the first round of the playoffs!  Wow, that's tough.

mclovin's picture

Man, tough draw.  Wish I could be there.

Kyle Rowland's picture

Go Vikings! Beat Napoleon! 

ohhiyo's picture

Godwin Igwebuike-> don't know why urbz didn't recruit him. This guy is special, if ya'll got some free time check him out on youtube. Fast explosive and great vision. Plays for Pickerington North. They'll square off against Central in the........PLAYOFFS? YOUR TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFFS?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? PLAYOFFS??