Ken Pomeroy Really Likes Ohio State

By Jason Priestas on October 31, 2012 at 4:41a
Has the Buckeyes at #2, ahead of Indiana. Related: Ken is a smart man. (

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hhmm uh this is quite surprising. i wont say ken pomeroy is full of it, but i really dont see osu number 2. uk number one? perhaps, at least the freshman class was rated number one i believe. if i had pick a number one, i would think perhaps indiana or louisville, with uk in the top 3 for sure. osu? i have no clue, think the bucks will be quite good. definitely top 10 imo.

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Doesn't KenPom just plug in data and use some sort of probability sequence to order teams? I wouldn't say he likes OSU if this is just computer results.

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Figure of speech.

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4 Big 10 schools in the top 5... hate to say it, but maybe we becoming a basketball conference...

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It seemed like ever since the SEC started "dominating" football, the B1G was slowly getting better and better at basketball. If Nebraska or Penn State takes the next step, look out.

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I originally disagreed with all the hype for the Big Ten in basketball this season. I thought that Ohio State and Michigan were extremely overrated... but then I looked at other conferences around the country, and completely changed my mind. For whatever reason, the Big Ten is miles ahead of everyone else when it comes to depth. The SEC has Kentucky, Florida and MAYBE Tennessee. The ACC has UNC, Duke and NC State. The Big East is constantly overrated, but right now they've got Louisville, Cuse and a bunch of unproven teams. The Pac 12 is still the Pac 12 until they prove otherwise. The Big 12 is still just Kansas. Meanwhile the Big 10 has Indiana, who returned everyone from last year, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin (we'll have to wait and see how they do without Gasser). I also think that Illinois, Purdue and Minnesota all have potential, and Iowa is finally on the upswing after a pretty good recruiting class.
I'm glad to see this happening. The days of losing the B1G-ACC challenge by 4 games every year is definitely over. It's too bad that the ACC is a pile of crap now so there are always only 2 exciting games in it.
Also, I still maintain that Ohio State and Michigan are grossly overrated. I think they should be fringe top-10 teams at best. I think both will be extremely good by tourney time though.

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The SEC also has Mizzou now, which is a very formidable squad. Phil Pressy is a great player.

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Missouri was impressive until they had to play a team with someone taller than 6'7". They have no size at all. 

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Get ready for them to fall out of the Top 25 pretty fast once they have to play Illinois and UCLA. They've got little else beyond Pressey and Dixon. They got their preseason ranking solely because of what they did last year. The weak SEC will help a little bit, but they are going to struggle mightily when they have to play the formidable front lines of Kentucky and Florida.
They lost Denmon, English, M. Pressey and Ratliffe. That's 70% of their scoring gone.

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Deep leauge too... only Northwestern and Nebraska are outside his top 68 teams.  There could be a lot of B1G dancers at the end of the year.

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After last nights exhibition against Walsh, be hard to agree with these standings

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With no real records for this season to go on, this ranking is just as legitimate as any football preseason ranking, i.e. worthless.  Until the season progresses and we see how the new players establish their roles on the team, not just for Ohio State but for any team the same applies.  The college sports world is too volatile to just rubber stamp rankings based on the previous years results.  Indiana and Louisville will probably be pretty good.  But who is to say, they weren't playing a bit above their heads last year.  Will they get that same kind of effort this year?  Kentucky has the top recruiting class, but to get those players to buy in and play together is not a given.  Ohio State has many questions as well.  I will be much more impressed with a top five ranking at the end of January, than now. 

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I always said Ken Pomeroy knew his - who's Ken Pomeroy again??

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I love Ohio State basketball. Everyone here should thank Andy Geiger for the brilliant hire that was Thad Matta.

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Only analyst I really trust in football: Phil Steele. Only one in basketball: Ken Pomeroy.  They's good with the numbers.