Trojans, Man

By Chris Lauderback on September 15, 2012 at 11:30p

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Alabama vs. LSU part II here we come!!

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Or would it be Part 4?

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Alabama is so far ahead of anyone else that we should just hand them the title...for next year too...I don't like it, but that's the way it is.

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Nah, everyone has a chance to falter. People felt the same about Miami in '02 and many other teams. Hell, the even felt the same about Ohio State in '06. As always, that's why we play the game.

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Lane Kiffin isn't ready, brother.

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Just for poops and giggles, ESPN might pick two different teams from the SEC to play for the title.

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After only 3 weeks of CFB, the team that plays the SEC champ in the BCS NC Game is down to 5 possibilities:
Florida State vs Clemson winner
SEC runner up
Pac 10 champ
Big 12 Champ
Notre Lame
The Big East and Big10 conferences have been effectively eliminated

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So Barkley leaves USC winless against Stanford?  Delicious.

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That stat is crazy, isn't it. It's like hearing that Peyton Manning while at Tennessee was 0-4 against Florida. All that winning and yet one team is your nemesis.

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Standords pass rush was unreal! They are building themselves a nice program up there in Palo Alto.


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God I hope that we see a Texas vs FSU NC game...or something like that. Anything but another SEC 2 team game would be nice at the bare minimum...

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I can see Alabama losing one. I think Florida State has a legit shot. 
My Darkhorse is Oregon. I think they are laying in the weeds, and they will get better every week with Mariota running that offense. Lets not sleep on West Virginia either. Geno Smith is awesome, and they dont have a bad defense. 
Anything but an SEC rematch. It will never happen because of the Terrible rating it got. My guess is Alabama v.s. anyone, and Alabama wins.... and we continue to live with it, and the B1G sucking ass.

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