Paul Ryan's Pregame Pep-Talk

By Ramzy Nasrallah on September 2, 2012 at 6:11p

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yeah that was awkward but no pep talk could help the redhawks yesterday 

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...guys. i want you to go out there. and play the game! play. the game.

now, you know that ohio state is a good team. better than you even. but maybe not! and you need to know that people from your college will be watching. watching you play. in here! at ohio stadium, where we are.

so go out and fight, and play HARD. and win. win the game. use your guts, and your smarts, and your. coaches' hard work. and deternination.

so yeah. fight real hard and play to win and we'll be proud of you on the field today and all games that you play. GO HAWKS thanks, hey yeah thanks okay bye

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He had to hold back because Ohio is a swing state. Come off too passionately against the top dog in the state, and Buckeye Nation might punish you in the voting booth.

The North remembers.

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Would hope people dont vote off of sport team preferences 

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I would hope so too. But this is far from encouraging when it comes to the relationship between sports and politics. 

The North remembers.

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I was hoping this would not even be mentioned here. I think this place wouldbe unique indeed if politics could be kept out of it. 

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That's honestly one of my favorite things about this site. There is enough back-and-forth with football and sports opinions in general, that it's a welcome thing to not be dragging political opinions on here. Some other sites *cough* Buckn*** cough* have people who have been pretty polarizing with personal political opinions, and that's largely absent here. However, in this instance, I don't think any endorsement or opinion has been made other than Ryan should stick to the stump and out of the locker room. 

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I don't think any endorsement or opinion has been made other than Ryan should stick to the stump and out of the locker room. 

Precisely. It's an apolitical Buckshot that happens to be about a politician and it was relevant to the Ohio State game.

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edited: myself.



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I'll never forget the 1992 home game against Bowling Green when Bo Schembechler (*!@#$) gave the Falcons a pre-game pep talk and then went up to the booth to broadcast the game for ABC along with UM alumnus Dan Dierdorf. Worst. Broadcast. Ever.

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Edit: No politics please

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My bad folks. Won't happen again.