NFL Talent Factory

By Jason Priestas on September 14, 2012 at 6:03p

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Completely DOMINATE that stat page.   I would love to see this posted on ANY other news outlet.....but it won't. 

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They should blow this up and post it in the Woody Hayes Center for recruits to see.

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The lack of depth in the B1G conference is pretty apparent...even over a 20 year time period.

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But Tressel sucked as a coach and never had any NFL caliber players!?!? Oh wait...


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All that NFL quality talent, and yet only 1 MNC between 1992 and 2012.  Doesn't that stat tell us Cooper and Tressel were better at recruiting than coaching?

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Or that winning titles is really freaking hard.

Class of 2010


^This.  So much has to break your way to win a title.  2002 is a prime example

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Well actually, you'll see the majority of the snaps played in the NFL came from Cooper and early Tressel teams.  After 2007, there's a big discrepancy between NFL draftees and NFL starts.  But no, Tressel did not suck as a coach.

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What I find interesting is that, in that time period, USC had nearly as many players drafted as OSU- just six fewer- but that OSU players had nearly 1,000 more starts than USC players.  It's curious, and I have a theory as to why, but it's just a theory.  Oddly enough, Michigan put a lot fewer players into the NFL, but those players accounted for a lot of starts- the third most, after OSU and Tennessee. 

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I'm SO confused by this chart... I looked at it several times and I don't know if I'm just seeing things but WHERE IS MIAMI? Like "The U" Miami not Miami Ohio. How are they not even ON the list? What reason could there be for leaving them off? I'm sure the Larry Coker teams alone produced enough NFL picks to make this list ... someone please enlighten me??? 

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Same thing that I thought.  Seems kind of strange to leave off the school that brags about so many players on Sundays.

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This is limited to the "Winningest" programs.  No Miami (FL) on that list.  I'd love to see their numbers, though.
EDIT: "WInningest" meaning highest win percentage over all of history, so the U doesn't make the cut.
DOUBLE EDIT: Or they just forgot them... since they should be on there, as far as I can now tell.  Or the NFL knows how many wins the NCAA's vacating, or something.

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Hard to believe Miami and FSU don't have an all-time winning percentage above 60%. Isn't it?
EDIT: thought it seemed wrong.

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So, on further review, they imply they mean highest winning percentage, but, in actuality, went by total wins.  Definately no Miami and FSU on that scale. Good thing they cut it off at 25, or they would have inculded Army and Navy next.

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That's true, I saw that, but I also thought the list was 1992-present, in which case Miami should without a doubt be on the list. I even got on wiki and for 2011 alone they had the most active NFL players at 42. It's just odd...

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128 - during OSU/Miami broadcast last year I'm pretty sure they brought up how OSU and Miami were in the top 3 of schools producing drafted players in the last decade, and USC was the third. I think the order was OSU, USC, Miami, but cant remember. Why did they count six or seven SEC teams and only three or four in other conferences? Didn't want to provide more evidence that SEC isn't as dominant as media makes them out to be?
Kurt - you can't judge the rest of the Big Ten conference's depth when it appears they are not even counted. 
EDIT: maybe this is a work in progress? They've left out Miami (FL), Florida State, Purdue, MSU, Wisconsin to name a few obvious ones. Oh well, Ohio State is the top NFL talent producer. #buckeyenationproblems

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surprised Pantoni hasnt tweeted this 1000 times since it came out... then again, we've got enough #BuckeyeNationProblems... I'd only expect us to produce more and more NFL caliber players under Meyer. Keep em coming.