NCAA Fails Miserably, Turns a Blind Eye to UNC's Academic Misdeeds

By Jason Priestas on September 4, 2012 at 12:22a

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Is this really happening?

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Wait until Miami (FL) gets off. 

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People in NC are exploding over this. Bubba Cunningham must've given Emmert some mad dome.

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literally just shit my pants in anger

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Oregon will get a slap on the wrist, Auburn gets ignored, and UNC gets a free pass. They either hate the Big Ten, or someone is paying him to look the other way.

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The comments section post article once again is far more entertaining than the article itself. It is FULL of PSU fans. Still , maintaining total innocence.  Great stuff. As far as UNC is concerned... Now we know that fake grades are better than bad grades. So Duron Carter....put the XBOX controller down and come on down. lol

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According to a different article, one that actually discusses why the NCAA might not have found any rules broken, the NCAA is pretty consistent when it deals with this sort of gray area.  They have looked at other schools like Auburn and Michigan, where a vast majority of the students who take a certain set of classes are athletes.  If there is evidence that the course was taught improperly because a coach told them to, then that would constitute an NCAA rule violation.  If the course was simply taught improperly, then it's not an NCAA violation.  It gets very hairy if they say NCAA rules were broken with absolutely no evidence to support that notion.  Remember, the Freeh report had an email string that made it very clear the athletic director knew about Sandusky and had discussed it with "coach" or "Joe."  The NCAA had an email proving Jim Tressel played ineligible players.  If they had information that counselors or tutors at UNC were steering these players into these classes, that would be an NCAA violation.  If it's just heresay, then it's not.  Shady as hell, I know, but the NCAA can't tell schools that their athletes can't take a certain class.

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I have to reluctantly agree with your post, Bucksfan.  In the twisted world of the NCAA, as long as there is no benefit offered to athletes that is not also offered to the student body at large, there is no violation.  What this whole sordid affair may do, however, is emphasize the absolute sham that is NCAA rules and enforcement, and, hopefully, hasten its demise.

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Makes sense to me, even if this whole thing reeks of fraud.
I'm thinking that Louis Freeh should take a little trip down to Chapel Hill...

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You're probably right. That makes me a little sad, but I see the NCAA's stance. It just seems so sketch.

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GAFB NCAA. If they actually gave a shit about the education of athletes, they'd find a way to punish schools for this. For any school where classes were determined to be improperly taught, they would go back and recalculate whether or not players were eligible if you removed this class from their courseload and credits (whether by GPA or by having enough credits). For those that weren't, they'd vacate every win during that season for playing ineligible players. That would send a message that this sort of cheating isn't to be tolerated, even if the NCAA admits it's slightly outside their authority (didn't know Mark Emmert had that phrase in his vocabulary, did you?).
Long and short of it is that they (NCAA) don't care about education, they only pretend to care when people are watching. And nobody is watching the UNC football scandal except other schools trying to feel better about their own respective punishment (us, PSU, UCONN).

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Apparently, BASKETBALL PLAYERS were ALSO INVOLVED in this incident. Shouldn't people care?

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