Denard Robinson is Handing These Out for Christmas

By Jason Priestas on September 24, 2012 at 6:36a

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hahaha awesome way to start the day.

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I see what ya did there.  UPVOTE

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hahaha fantastic.

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He should hand out tiny violins instead.

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Music to my ears. And eyes.

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I thought he was handing out interceptions.  I'll take those ANYDAY.

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is that a "Pick Six" pack?  (rimshot)

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The Pick Six pack is only available in Penn State.

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M Den is making this way too easy for you guys.  I feel like Dean Martin, or Bud Abbott.  Just lobbing straight-man softballs.  For you guys to knock out of the ball park and all the way across High Street.  Or State Street. 

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And YOU get an interception!  And YOU get an interception!  EVERYBODY GETS AN INTERCEPTIONNN!!!!!

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Denard's FAVORITE Things! 

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Jump Balls and scrambles,
Defenses in shambles,
Injuries and tumbles,
Interceptions and fumbles,
Gaudy ground totals with awful passing,
These are a few of his favorite things!

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I'll poeTRY harder next time haha.

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lol, got a good laugh outta that.   I was watching that game in a room full of scum fans.  It was glorious.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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If he's feeling this giving in late September, imagine how generous he'll be when he comes to Columbus for Thanksgiving weekend.  What a special guy.

Iron_Buckeye's picture took me a second!

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Me too ... I'm slow this morning.  I had to read the comments before I clued in.

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After the ND loss, shoestrings was seen throwing a water bottle in a fit of rage.
Said water bottle was intercepted and returned 20 yards.  :-)

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When I finally get the ability to upvote, I'm going to come back and upvote this comment! HAHA!

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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Save your mocks for Denard after the Buckeyes whip his sorry ass at the end of the season. Karma can go both ways on us. We don't have that much to laugh about, even though we're 4-0.

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If he makes throws and decisions like he did Saturday, you guys wont have to worry about anything.

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Haha, love it

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Well, these are certainly going to be hard to regift.

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This is pure gold!

"Have you earned your buckeye today?"