Cal v. Oregon 2011 Highlights

By Ross Fulton on September 12, 2012 at 9:28a
To build upon what we've published, here you can see some good examples of Cal continuing to play its Bear defense against Oregon's analogous spread-option O. This results in Cal playing a lot of single-safety coverage. (

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bassplayer7770's picture

Seeing some of these big run plays against Cal's D makes me hope we have Hall back this week...

Buckeyejason's picture

I don't expect Hall to have a big game being it will be his first sniff of real game action coming off a foot injury. 


bassplayer7770's picture

I know what you're saying.  I should have said I hope Hall is "ready to go."  When healthy, it seems he'd have the quickness and moves to make some plays like Oregon's RBs did.

Ross Fulton's picture

Oregon exploited Cal by running outside zone.  OSU hasn't run it once this year and I'm not even sure Meyer installed that play.


I personally am hopeful as well about Jordan Hall because I agree.  I think he might be more ready to go then some think.

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Maynard made several bad throws.  If our D can put significant pressure on him, I'd guess he'll make several more this Saturday.

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With single safety coverages, we might be able to see if we can throw the ball vertically, especially with so many players on the LOS.  I know it's been a question in the early games, but, then again, the coverages haven't favored it. 

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After the UCF game, I do recall Braxton saying he was just taking what UCF's D gave him.  I would imagine they are working hard on ways to exploit Cal's weaknesses on D.  I just hope Braxton throws with better mechanics unlike when he threw that interception against UCF.

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Yea, OSU will need to take advantage of their back seven playing over aggressively with play-action.  Ideally OSU can get shots downfield on that basis.  Braxton just needs to trust it and throw it, not aim.

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I was actually more impressed with Cal from watching this video.  They covered the Oregon receivers pretty well and we're fairly good at stopping interior runs.  As others have said Oregon ripped them up with outside speed with their backs on zones and screens.  We don't have that luxury at the moment.  
We're a lot different than Oregon was in 2011.  Braxton Miller is way more mobile than D. Thomas and we're much more of a power running downhill style rather than outside speed.  Outside of the occasional end around to Philly Brown, Brax is our only outside threat.  
Our offense success will be made in the trenches.  If we can get the inside running game going early Brax can gash them for big gains with the zone read when they over commit.  It should leave a lot of one on one situations in the passing game as well.      

Ross Fulton's picture

They've played Oregon pretty well so that is worth remembering, but their D hasn't been as good this year through 2 games. 

As I've said too, Meyer's O is different than Oregon's.  The biggest difference is that Oregon runs a lot of outside zone, Meyer really doesn't.  Meyer also runs his QB more than Oregon has, but that may just be a result of the relative athletes each has had, as you said. 

I think they need to use Philly Brown more in that role and I believe they will...