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Ross is a senior editor at Eleven Warriors where he focuses on football strategy and X's and O's. His work has also been featured on and When not focused on zone blocking, Ross practices law in Columbus, Ohio, where he was born and raised.

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Comment 21 May 2014

As I wrote about a couple weeks ago, playing press man coverage does take away some of the effectiveness of packaged plays, because a man defender should execute his man responsibilities no matter what the offense does. But that obviously opens up other opportunities -- you should have better numbers in the box to run against, and you can attack downfield. So the package play also becomes less necessary. 

Comment 01 Apr 2014

Good questions and JKH1232 is absolutely correct on both rules.


The reality is that offenses are currently abusing the rule but refs are not calling it. As this becomes more popular it will be interesting if they crack down upon abusing the 3 yard rule. IMO it is currently an unfair advantage to the offense.