Musburger Re-signs with ESPN

By Jason Priestas on August 20, 2012 at 1:44p

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Good for him, now he can focus on his mancrush "herbie".    [throws up in mouth]
EDIT  29-31 sec mark.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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wish there was no "dash" between those words

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this. I can't stand the guy, ever since the 2002 national championship game. I can't cite any specific examples right now, but I felt that over and over again he would make slightly biased comments against the Buckeyes. And it all culminated for me with his infamous "live in the Big House" intro ... from Ohio Stadium.

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Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts did the 2002 Nat. Ch. game.

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Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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you're right, I meant the national championship season. 

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am i missing something? What is the issue with Musburger? I actually enjoy him on gameday

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There are a host of quirks to Musburger that annoy the hell out of a lot of people.  Like when he announces a TD is scored before the guy actually crosses the goal-line, the nicknames he tries to give to everyone, things like that.  Using dreadfully obvious play-on-words with players' names, like saying "AJ Hawk swoops in to make the tackle,"  is another.  Plus, some allege that he most certainly has some action on the spread...making his broadcasts seem a bit biased.  That last one may or may not be true.
My grandpa used to call him Brent Mush-mouth...and that's going back to the 1980s before he died.
I don't have a problem with him, though.  I think distinct voices in sports broadcasting is fairly rare, and he's one of the few that have it.  He gave us "Holy Buckeye," which is obviously something very iconic for us, but probably extremely corny and dumb to anyone else.

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I'll be honest; I don't mind Musberger at all.  And he's also very lucky to have Kirk Herbstreit as well as others in a good supporting cast.  Hell, the guy is prejudiced... for his Northwestern Wildcats.  How much harm can he possibly do?

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I like Musberger too

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I used to like Musberger and Herbie more, but my interest has fallen off as of late.  I think that Mike Patrick and Todd Blackledge are the most insightful broadcasting duo right now and they balance each other well.  Herbie and Mus have more star power, though, so they'll continue to be assigned to the biggest games.

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Don't mind them as an announcing team, but honestly don't give two $hits about watching Todd stuff his face every week. I've got Man vs. Food for that. Just do the football game.
Honestly the most awkward announcing team last year was Meyer and Spielman and whatever the third guy's name is. Meyer and Spielman had absolutely no chemistry.
Mustberger and Herbie are good. Hate on Kirk all you want, but he's a great analyst.

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Before he was our coach, I really liked the Meyer, Spielman, Patsch combo. It was during those broadcasts I started to like UFM much to my surprise. He made such measured and intelligent comments about Tatgate and JT when he called our games when the inevitable questions came up. At first it really annoyed me because I didn't want to like him. I was heavily invested in hating him.  Not only do I really like him, I think he is hot. Who knew?

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I'm sure those answers were well rehearsed.  I don't care what reports said as to when he was actually approached by Ohio State.  You know from Day 1 he knew that job was going to be an option if he chose to take it.  The man is slick, and everything he says or does is definitely calculated.  He knows the strings to pull.  I'm not saying he isn't genuine, but those definitely weren't remarks he made on the fly.

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As long as it's not Mark May, Lee Corso or Lou Holtz (whom I still can't believe is employed, with his outragous Notre Dame predictions year after year.)  Then I actually enjoy listening to them talk about college football.

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Musberger gets on my nerves.  He turns into Mr. Hyperbole almost everygame trying to create excitement and energy even when its boring.  It's almost unbearable when the Bucks are losing.

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No idea how people could not like Musburger... he has had some of the most iconic calls in college football history, and Ohio State history. I think he is the 2nd greatest college football play-by-play man behind Keith Jackson. He is synonymous with college football and I am very happy that we will be able to hear him for years to come. Brad Nessler is another guy I like.
In terms of analysts, I do not enjoy Herbie that much. The guy just over-dramatizes everything about a player or a team. I think he uses the words 'speed','athleticism', and 'SEC' way too freakin much and his predictions are usually way off. Spielman is okay.

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i really can't stand brent mostly because he has a pat set of responses and idioms that he uses, without fail, in every single game that he calls. yeah, "holy buckeye" was great, but it was also about the most inspired thing the dude has ever said. he's old and his shtick is old

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Musberger is entertaining to me.  He seems to enjoy college football as much as I do, and he doesn't seem to be too biased.  Musberger follows individual players throughout a game and doesn't seem to get caught up in the conference chest thumping many at ABC/ESPN do.
Brad Nessler however is a douche bag.  Gary Danielson is an even bigger douche bag.  Mark May is an ass bag.

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I don't really have too many problems with anyone who calls a football game as long as their name is not Vern Lundquist.  Other than that, I don't really mind any TV announcers for college football.  

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I will never forget watching the UF-FSU a few years ago when Tebow was still playing.  As usual Tim had bible verses on his eye blacks. Lundquist actually looked up the passages and read them on the air. I had to mute the rest of the game.

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I like Musberger a lot. 

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I like Musberger. He isn't the greatest commentator, and he can say some pretty dumb things at times, but he is iconic. Hearing his voice just reminds me that it's my favorite time of the year.