UNC Academic Scandal Includes Basketball Players

By Ramzy Nasrallah on June 17, 2012 at 8:19p

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Intersting. Meyer's decision on Stoney and Mehwort still gets top billing on the ESPN Page but this story makes neither the CBB or CFB page on the world wide leader.....they are probably gathering their facts before they put anything out.
Of course, I would assume a story from the great Dohrman is on its way too. I mean, if this does involved NC hoops, we are now dealing with one of the premier sports programs in all of the country. It should warrant something deep.....

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Just sent this to all of my friends that attend UNC. Schadenfreude at its finest.

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@William, I've been meaning to ask you for a while now. You're an Ohio State student but you're from NC, right? (I think I remember you writing once that you're from the Southern Pines area.)
So how the heck did you wind up in Columbus? I ask because I know many alums down here who would love for their kids to go to Ohio State but almost universally say there's not a chance it will happen. Either because of cost (out-of-state tuition) or just a lack of interest on junior's part.
So what's the deal? Care to share any impressions. (BTW, I grew up in Ohio and came to NC for work.)

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Yeah I'm from the Southern Pines/Pinehurst area. I grew up in NC but my father's side of the family is from Ohio (Massilon/Canton area). Always grew up an OSU fan, and I had been to the campus on several occasions. When it came time to apply for colleges I applied to several schools OSU, UNC, NCSU, Wake Forest and a couple of others. I chose OSU because I just loved it up there, the campus, city and school are just incredible. I was lucky in that I qualified for several scholarships, plus I get 2 years worth of the GI Bill. My father was then able to work it out so that he had kept his Ohio residency while serving in the Army so I qualified for in-state tuition, which did however disqualify me from my largest scholarship. Out-of-state isn't cheap, but in comparison to a lot of other large state universities it's relatively less expensive. When it came down to choosing schools I had a top 3 of OSU ,NCSU, and UNC. It pretty much was between OSU and NCSU for me, 1) because I cannot stand UNC and most of its student body and 2) I felt much more at home at OSU and NCSU. I chose OSU because it's where I felt the most at home. As for the alumni in NC and their kids, I can definitely see why it would be hard for them to attend OSU, because of the fears of out-of-state costs, as well as the fact that NC has some damn fine schools in Duke, UNC, NCSU, and Wake Forest. 
Edit: My hate for UNC may actually be stronger than my hate for Michigan. Seriously, I have no idea how anyone can root for UNC, then again I do root for NC State as a "second" team.

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I can admit I'm a pretty big tarheel basketball fan. I loved me some Mack Brown Tarheel football too way back when. I think I did it because I know so many Duke fans and I find Coach K just utterly repulsive, so the natural reaction to troll my Duke fan friends was to pick up NC as a team. I would go as far as to say I prefer NC Hoops to Buckeye buckets and I'm an OSU alum. I was a huge LT1 fan growing up as well so I've always had a soft spot for NC.
Grant it, they wont surpass FSU in terms of 'second' team status for me but I can't help but like the heels.

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how has there been no mention of these fake classes on espn or si.com for the past couple of weeks?

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M Jordan says he had little or no instruction in his "Professional Basketball Team Management" course he took either.

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Worst possilbe NCAA "crime" IMHO.

vacuuming sucks

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There's always fraud like that going on at UNC.  I understand that nobody really cares about UNC football, but when you're including the basketball team there, you'd think it'd be bigger news. 

Class of 2010.