Titus' Invitation for the Battle For Ohio Charity Game Revoked

By Jason Priestas on June 25, 2012 at 5:09p
Bad blood lingering between Titus and Turner because of the book? (twitter.com)
Source: @clubtrillion

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Dumb decision, I'll never understand rescinding invitations to events unless explicitly warranted. This is just petty.

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While it's probably not intended to be as such, this could actually be a brilliant marketing move for the game -- I coudl see Titus making this slight his pet cause for the next few weeks, which would direct even more attention onto the event.  

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Pretty sure Turner unfollowed Titus on twitter recently as well.

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Wow. Probably not what Titus envisioned when writing the book.

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Making a big deal of his having burned bridges is just about the only shot at attention he's got anymore, so he might as well milk it, I suppose.


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Granted I've only read excerpts, but he did not paint a very flattering picture of Turner in the book. What should he expect?

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Titus is a POS. He should have never been invited. He wasn't really a bball player at OSU. He was just an attention whore sitting at the end of the bench. 

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? He's a talented indiidual who took an advantage of a situation that others in his position wouldn't have and he turned it into a benefit for himself and for his teammates (read the book). And yes he did really play basketball at OSU. Why the hate?

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Not to mention he's hilarious, and his book brought me joy without the pain of inevitable failure like the basketball team did.

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I don't understand why Turner cares... He was the 2nd overall pick, developing into a star, more cared about than Titus.... Titus was drafted by the Globetrotters as a joke, he jokes about everything, and has a "cult" following...
Turner should just be the bigger person and not give a shit. 

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>> Turner should just be the bigger person and not give a shit.
By giving a shit, he really lowers himself.  I totally agree with you, I like The Shark and loved the book but I wish ET would just not care and not involve himself.  He only gives the books and the stories a level of legitimacy by interacting.

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Titus didn't put anything in his book about Turner that wasn't already known amongst his teammates and coaches. A great talent, that has prima-dona chracteristics and blames others for his short comings. That was his reputation at Ohio State and it has followed him to the NBA. If Turner is the force behind Titus being uninvited, what he wrote in his book. Turner would've been better served playing the game as is and taking the high road, but I guess he has more pull, since his Chinese shoe company is supplying the jerseys.


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Well, from the tweets, Titus looks like the one who is being a bitch.  College is over, Marky.  Time to move on. 

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He looks like he is being a bitch because he is a bitch.