By Ramzy Nasrallah on June 22, 2012 at 11:00p

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I hope they castrate him first.

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If he ever gets put into the general prison population his end will be very soon. Even sharing a cell with another inmate will bring problems, ala Jeffrey Dahmer. Just hope he has a few seconds to think of all the kids he demonized.

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The sick thing is the SOB probably thinks that  he actually helped the kids.  

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I effing hate lawyers. I watched a loiya comment to "prepare ourselves for an acquittal because it was a long time ago and why did the alleged victims wait so long to bring charges?"
Why did these kids, now grown, wait so long?
1. embarrassed.
2. humiliated.
3. loiyas and certain disgusting elements of this politically correct society that always blame the victim and have sympathy for the Devil.
4. fear that nobody would believe them.
I read some individual on comment that "I hope everyone is happy that we all received the 'politically correct' outcome." Personally, I think the outcome was almost "just". The politically correct outcome would have been for some weenie, bleeding heart jury(think O.J. Simpson trial) to acquit Jerry Sandusky because "he's so well liked by his neighbors, family and friends, and they just can't picture this man committing these crimes."
The only thing better than this verdict would have been a public hanging in the Happy Valley town square.



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This is an absurd comment. Lawyers always blame the victim and have sympathy for the Devil, really? No, lawyers represent the basic rights of all individuals in our adversarial system of criminal justice. It's really that simple.

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Yeah, whatever. You can think it's absurd but I bet a majority of Americans agree with my comments. Loiyas are so loved and appreciated, right(Sarc)? It is very simple.



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Defense attorneys suck. Sugar coat it however you want but most of them spend their time defending someone they know is guilty. Dress that up as nobly as you want but in the end it is just thwarting justice for victims.

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It's not sugar coating to point out that thousands of innocent people have been wrongfully convicted, sometimes even executed. Our very own tOSU released a study finding that approximately 10,000 people in the US may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes, every year. Like it or not, prosecutors are equally adept at thwarting justice for the wrongfully accused. They can and often will charge people with crimes they know they can't prove. It's a two-way street.

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It's not sugar coating to point out that thousands of innocent people have been wrongfully convicted,

You are correct sir(not). There are thousands of innocent people behind bars. Just ask them. The prisons are FULL of innocent people.
I bet there are a hellava lot more guilty people that are wrongly acquitted than the other way around.



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There's no discussion to be had if you're content to be so cynical.  Here's the Ohio State research that you seemed to ignore:  And feel free to read a few stories of real people:
To be clear, no one deserves this more than Sandusky. We're all agreed there.

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Joe Pedterno got off easy.

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I'm sure Sandusky will end up with a cushy cell, be able to watch TV, etc.  Any word on when we re-name Sandusky, OH?

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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11W Staff/readers: In all of this, I haven't heard anything about the NCAA looking in to this situation. I think what I heard before is that the NCAA was waiting for the legal situation (I assume that meant the criminal case against Sandusky) to work itself out. Any word on whether or not the NCAA is going to investigate this matter? I just can't imagine they'd blow up a program (tOSU) over deals on tattoos, but not a peep about a far more disgusting cover-up. 

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I'm running a column today at 1pm on this. (subbing for Chris)

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Looking forward to that.

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Well from a technical standpoint I don't know what the NCAA can do. I'm not convinced this is over for the organization. I believe there is a report coming out (The Frehe Report) that is going to shed light on who knew what and when-which by all accounts should devastate even the most ardent Paterno supporters. As far as an NCAA investigation goes-a cover up is pretty much the polar opposite of any sort of lack of institutional control or failure to monitor. On the contrary the powers that be controlled almost every step of the whole Sandusky debacle. I know we all want to see the suffering start for PSU as a whole but I just don't know if the NCAA can do anything. I would equate it to the EPA taking part in, say, a car theft ring-the crime is out side of their reach. With all of that said, I wonder if somewhere in the by laws there is something that allows the NCAA to basically say "Ok you know what, we ARE making this about us, here we come". Some sort of flexible interpretation of the rules or something? I don't know.
I'd be surprised if the US Government\Board of Education didn't come to State College and toss their cells to see what they find.
As for Paterno-he did get off easy. I've seen PSU fans say "God took Joe away so he didn't have to see this". In reality, Joe never got to see his reputation rightfully annihilated. I just hope the truth comes out and its so deep, even the creepiest of PSU fans realize their patriarch screwed up far worse than they will ever admit to now.