Good Guy Mark Richt

By Jason Priestas on May 3, 2012 at 2:44p

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Michael's picture

Good for him, his stance sets a good precedent. I don't need coaches actively endorsing the move (or necessarily putting in a good word for the student), but I will never understand coaches/programs that put movement restrictions on students. If they're transfering to another D1 school, they're already going to have to sit a year anyway.

Roger's picture

Hard not to like Coach Richt. He's more of a gentleman than the rest of the SEC coaches combined.

BuckeyeW's picture

Not necessarily an exception, but the team celebration penalty v. Florida is one of my favorite college football moments. 

BrewstersMillions's picture

As SEC coaches go, he is one of the more likeable dudes in the lot. Is there a coach in the nation better at getting on and off of the hotseat? Seems like every year he is always on the list of coaches people expect to see fired yet he keeps on doing his thing.
Funny fact about the state of College football. Only five coaches in the nation have been with their current teams since before the year 2000. Beamer, Stoops, Brown, Ferentz, and Blankley.