Urban Pulls Out All The Stops

By Alex on April 2, 2012 at 11:51p

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If Urban wanted him that badly, I guess I do too

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I love how passionate Archie still is about OSU, even willing to do that for Urban, man I love him.

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vacuuming sucks

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Loved seeing Archie-- Go Bucks!

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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I assume that if the program knowingly leaked this it would be a violation.  I know this guy has gotten some great footage of OSU practice and some great interviews.  But this sketches me out a bit.

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Yeah this is sketchy.


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This kid must be the real deal

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This is kind of weird and I question if it is even legal to do something like that. From what I understand no one affiliated with the university can comment on a recruit until he is signed.

I am sure every school that had a heisman trophy winner would do something like this if it was legal. Shoot, if this is legal why the hell hasn't Charles Woodson done one of these for an elite corner.

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Agreed, but technically these two weren't "commenting" on Ezekial, they were speaking to him through a pre-recorded message.  I'd imagine that, typically, they'd give him the same spiel in person, but they were in New Orleans for the Final Four.  I think (not sure) that "commenting" on a recruit constitutes talking to the media or making a public announcement about them.  If I'm wrong, by all means let me know, but I don't think this was really a "public" comment on a recruit. If this indeed constitutes a violation, than shouldn't it be illegal to send letters to recruits?  They're both pre-designed messages to intended to sell the university.

I agree, though, that if this is legal all universities should do it.  I'm betting Archie appeared becuase (A.) he's a legendary player, but more importantly because (B.) he's all over campus because he heads the Alumni Association here--perhaps it made it relatively easier for him to do a video than for, say, Troy Smith?

Just a thought.

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These are people he would've most likely met and talked to on his visit anyways had they not been at the Final Four; both are important faculty members.

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Yep.  They undoubtedly would have met and spoken to Ezekiel, and they would have used his name, and they would have tried to sell OSU.  Nothing shady about any of this IMHO.

vacuuming sucks

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Hodge, I am not even going to pretend to know what the exact rule is because I do not. There is so many it is hard to keep up.

I initially thought it was only okay for a coach or someone who is directly affiliated with your football program (Asst coaches etc.) can contact a recruit or even able to sell the program to that recruit. Former players are not allowed to do so, definitely not anyone from the alumni association.

If this is a violation, it will just be a slap on the wrist. But, I think this is not very bright on behalf of the athletic department after just being punished for another incident.

Edit: I guess I am wrong, anyone affiliated with the school can give a recruiting pitch. Now the question is whether Archie is affiliated with the university? Does the University pay him? If they do this is fine. They cannot control if the kid or someone who knows the kid put it on youtube.

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Archie is the director of alumni affairs (that may not be his EXACT title, but you get the idea)... he is most definitely affiliated with OSU

Cause I couldn't go for three

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He is President and CEO of The Ohio State University Alumni Association.

"In addition to his role as Alumni Association President and CEO, Griffin serves as a member of university President E. Gordon Gee's senior leadership team as Ohio State's Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations."

Does anyone really think that after all that has happened and currently being on probabtion by the NCAA, Gene Smith and Archie Griffin would produce a video that is not permitted? I know some think that Smith is a moron, but there is NO way he would do this if it were not ok to do so.  All they are doing is talking to the kid via youtube and not in person, saying exactly what they would say if they had a face to face meeting.


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Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  So far, in his career, Meyer has been a model of compliance (a cynic would say that he knows how to wash and hide his dirty laundry)--can't imagine he'd be that dumb...but then again, I've been burned by that belief before...

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Well shoot, I hope Charles Woodson can get that same exact title as soon as he retires. Would be quite the recruiting pitch. Hell, can we sign up Tom Brady as well lol

Im actually shocked most programs have not done something like this to entice recruits.

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It's entirely plausable that they do, but their recruits don't post their pitches to youtube!

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lol that is probably true

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Archie has been employed by OSU since 1984. It is common practice for communication with the recruits from these employees. The method differed is all. No "illegalities" occured. Calling Bret Bielema.

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Archie got the video going on a roll and really sold the program from the standpoint of a running back excelling not only on the football field, but also in life.

And then Gene Smith appears and drags the thing down to a screaching halt. He had some good things to say, but man, could the guy be more boring? He's talking monotone and without expression, and its like he's holding a press conference to reveal bad news. He's standing there behind that podium (why the podium?) and I was waiting for him to tell Ezekiel that this is an' isolated incident and not a system-wide issue' or something like that. 

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Seems like quite a bit of work for a three star RB.

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VitaminB, Rivals has him listed as a 4 star recruit. 

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IMO, he deserves that 4* rating, but I suppose I'm biased.  Also, it appears his high school has been in the Missouri Class 3 Championship Game the past two seasons.


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Seems to be quite a gap in his ratings from 24/7 and Scout.

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I'll take Urban Meyer's eye over anybody from Scout, Rivals, or 24/7.

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Video has been removed.

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not surprising.  the issue to me is who posts it.  clearly making this video is not a violation.  but publishing it to youtube or some other public site i doubt is allowed.  just like middle school, no pda in recruiting.