High Praise for Our Own Ross Fulton

By Jason Priestas on April 19, 2012 at 5:13p

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what was already one of the best blogs around

And to 11W in general!

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First you bring Ross here, then you post a link to Smart Football??? You're giving away all my secrets! Soon I won't seem smart at all since I'll have to rely on my own intelligence to differentiate myself

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Flawless victory.

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On the survey you guys did a few months back, I put "The only thing you guys are really missing is great Xs and Os stuff like AtO has. I'd love it if you could get a writer to do that."

Well done. Also, his posts were great over there but were not nearly as frequent. Maybe he's not as busy this time of year or something, but I love getting to read him on a weekly basis.

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So Jason, is there any bad blood between 11W and AtO since Ross jumped ship?

Actually I've often wondered what are the relationships like between all the Buckeye blogs. Do you guys communicate at all?

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To my knowledge, there is no bad blood between AtO and 11W. As for communicating with other blogs, it mostly happens over Twitter, but sometimes also over email.

We tend to think site wars, like the Bucknuts/Buckeye Sports Bulletin feud, are largely unproductive. I'm not saying we love everyone, because there are a few people on the OSU beat or blogosphere we're not huge fans of, but that doesn't mean we have to make those feelings public.

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yeah, honestly publicly beefing with another site just makes us look like amateurs and doesn't make us more popular or anything. you don't see espn taking potshots at SI, and that's because if you are or want to be top dog, you don't let a bunch of people nipping at your heels distract you from your goal

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See also: punching down.

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ESPiN is too busy pimping the SEC to be bothered by the likes of SI...

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

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So this is apropos -- a comment got posted to OTE this morning that AtO is folding and a new tOSU blog is going to become the default SB Nation Ohio State blog. I feel bad for Ian; he gets no love from the SB Nation administration. Looks like Ross has impeccable timing.

See BREAKING NEWS... by GoAUpher in the comments.

[Edit: I see that Ian must have got fed up with being passed over by SB Nation as he's now with YardBarker.]

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Holy crap! "Land-Grant Holy Land" seems to be being run by Luke with DJ as a writer! That makes me pretty giddy. Looks like I'll have a new blog to go to everyday along with Eleven Warriors.

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I've seen both MaliBuckeye from Buckeye Battle Cry and Ian from Inside the Shoe post comments here before. So I figured you guys have a relationship with them.

Also I've read that Ted Glover from OTE is a huge fan of 11W. The other OTE contributors give him flak for it a lot.

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I'm not sure why the other contributors from OTE would give Ted flak about that. Sour grapes maybe? SBN made several runs at us and we ultimately decided to stay indie. Now we're twice the size of SBN's largest NCAA site (Black Shoe Diaries).

As for Land Grant Holy Land, Luke will do a great job there. He's still a huge friend of the blog.