Mickey Marotti is Good at His Job

By Jason Priestas on March 24, 2012 at 3:31p

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Future Saints draft pick?

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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I'd place the over under this season on guys Shazier knocks out at 5. I'm taking the over.

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He'll make Kyle Kals bleed after running through him like a freight train and knocking out Denard.

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pretty interesting that Shazier took a backseat to the Curtis Grant hype when the class was committing... I like Grant, though, I hope these two can double as the next Hawk/Carpenter duo once Sabino and Klein finish up their careers (maybe Grant starts over Klein if he shows improvement this spring/Klein continues to be as slow as a down lineman?). 

When does the spring practice depth chart come out so we can see where the LB corps sits?

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I don't see Storm Klein playing many meaningful minutes unless, God forbid, injuries happen to the guys in front of him.

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You know what's ridiculous... It looks like Shazier had an incredible winter but Urban said Philly Brown had the best winter. I know I'm judging off a picture but I holy crap this team had a hell of a winter.

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Somebody tweeted during the Michigan game, "The next time Ryan Shazier steps off the field for the Ohio State Buckeyes, it will be to join the ranks of the NFL." 

Agreed then, doubly agree now. 

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I was AT that game, right behind your bench.  Shazier was an awesome player on .25 legs.  I'm not sure I want to see him live and at fulll strength, on 2.0 legs.

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So does anyone know what Simon is looking like these days?  That dude was already ripped. 

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Ryan Damn Shazier.

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I was wondering if someone had before or after pics of these guys...would love to see some more!


Ryan Damn Shazier

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Ryan Shazier killed a guy with a trident.

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I've been meaning to talk to him...he may want to lay low for a while.

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He looks great..not to knock him or anything but if you notice must guys that are shown in running motion always look big and ripped. Again not saying he didn't make any gains but I notice this in every picture of an athlete running. I want to see a new picture of him standing still lol.