Illinois Fires Weber

By Jason Priestas on March 9, 2012 at 12:42p

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As an Illinois-dweller, I feel like Weber's success was highest when Self was his coach, and after the recruiting prowess left with Self to KU, Illinois never recovered.  Not really all that upset about it, either.  Illini fans are awful.

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I would disagree, I lived in Champaign for over a year and never had a problem with the Illini fans, although OSU never lost to them in either football or basketball while I was there either.  I made it to one football and one basketball game vs OSU out there too, and they were always hospitable.

Tough time to be an Illini coach, sounds like they should have quit sipping the Zook Juice.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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I would disagree as well. I was a student there for four years, attended many sporting events, always rooted for the opposition, and was always treated very well. I have no beef with their fans, aside from the few who still cling to their regrettable former mascot.

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I've lived and worked out here among them for about 13 years now, and agree, they're not bad to deal with in terms of opposing fans

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Illinois hadn't fired a men's basketball coach since the mid-1970s.

Also, if it weren't for America's Kabul (West Lafayette) Champaign would have the Worst B1G Town crown by a significant margin. Huuuuuge drop after those two. It's at least two hours to Chicago or Indianapolis and otherwise there's nothing but diabeetus as far as the eye can see.

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Um, State College?

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)