Fab Melo Will Miss the Tourney

By Sarah on March 13, 2012 at 2:43p

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Salty for Cuse.  LOVE that our region just got even worse.

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Lots of smoke surrounding the 'Cuse program this year.

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I thought that UConn got a post season ban because of grades or something, but maybe that is next year.

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There goes the anchor of their defense

Imagine the irony of Cuse winning it all after Bernie Fine and now losing Fab Melo twice.


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I had them losing to Vandy in the sweet 16 anyways, but maybe this will result in a 2nd round exit for them.

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Brackets have been changed haha.

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Exactly William. Fixed two brackets but the third I cant view again.

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The guy that concerned me the most from Syracuse - gone.  What is his big deal, anyway?  Didn't he go through this earlier in the season? 

Still doesn't help us get by Florida State.  They're cheering this just as much as we are. 

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That top half of the bracket just got blown up.  KSU could make a run to the elite 8.  Vandy, Wisconsin...intriguing top of the east bracket.

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Still think Cuse is good enough to make it to the Elite 8 even without Melo.  They are very balanced and Boheim plays 10 different players at least 10 minutes a game.  Their 2-3 zone will still frustrate teams that try to go inside on them even with Melo gone, and opponents will need to shoot them out of that zone to be truly effective.  Wisky could do so if their streaky shooters get hot.  Cuse is also near dead last out of 345 teams in defensive rebounding, however.  Given our defensive and offensive rebounding prowess, I like our chances of putting Sully on the block against Cuse, now that Melo is gone.  Bucks just need to take it one game at a time.

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I think this kills Syracuse. They were an awful rebounding team before this, and now they've lost their only rebounder. Thomas and Sullinger would kill them on the boards.

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There's no way they make it past Vanderbilt now. This will not only hurt them from a schematic standpoint, but I think it'll just be too much adversity for a team that hasn't been able to get past the sweet 16 since 2003.

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I'm thinking Melo could be one of those unreported failed DT's.  Someone said above there's a lot of smoke around Syracuse this year, I think so too and it reaks of pot!  Wouldn't be suprised if this is what is going on. 

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Doesn't help us a bit at this point. Syracuse was the least of my concerns in the East. Just getting out of the bottom half of the bracket will be challenging enough.

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We have to take it one game at a time.  Loyola first. 2's can lose to 15s. gotta keep our eyes on the prize. (although it may change my bracket)

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I'm sure Boeheim will have no knowledge of this either.

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LOL a great post. 

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we are now the number one seed in that region effectively.

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This is the third year in a row the Buckeyes have gotten a significant break in the tournament (I'm thinking of the massive number of upsets in our part of the draw the last 2 years). Hopefully this is the year they can take advantage.

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I don't recall any breaks last season.

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Yeah, seriously...

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This doesn't hurt. But, I gotta say I have them losing in the 2nd round to Kansas State in one pool, then Vandy in another pool. I think the teams OSU has to worry about in this region are Vandy and FSU, not Syracuse.

p.s. I'm sure Jim Boeheim doesn't know "anything" about this at all. Surrrre Jim.

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I'm not a big believer in using past years as indicators for future outcomes, but history says don't ever pick Vandy to advance beyond the 2nd round.  That being said, they have a bit different of a team this year, they aren't only good from outside but have some physcial players too.

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The 1/2 matchups in the elite 8 rarely happen anyway.

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"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Favorite Buckeye: Obviously BJ Mullens

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This shows you just can't trust guys named after Milli Vanilli.

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well this is embarrassing because I didn't see this post until I already entered it elsewhere. But I think it's great news for us and I think I worry more about FSU since they are playing great...could be upset team.

Don't sleep on Gonzaga as the ref's like them (clean cut image) and foul trouble on an over-wired Craft burnt us last game so I'm leery. I think Craft out is a bigger loss than Sully because we've got a better bench player for Sully but Craft runs the show; (Buford never has). He's the one always talking to all other players (Sully does too to an extent)and to me is the leader at this point.

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Craft is easily the MVP of this team, but that 4th foul you're referring to on Sunday was absolute B.S. compared to what they let Payne do to Sully - no Kitts or Valentine and we should be good.  

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Agreed on the 4th foul. But Craft has to be aware of how many fouls he has. Clark Kellogg kinda bailed him out as he said in a big game your mind is racing and you can forget your foul total. so OK. Just hope the zebras don't take charge as this will be a physical tournament for EVERYONE