Almost a Quarter of Michigan's Returning Hoops Roster is Transferring

By Ramzy Nasrallah on March 21, 2012 at 3:36p

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Every rat knows a sinking ship.

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These guys aren't jumping off a sinking ship, they are leaving before their playing time is gone. McGary, Robinson III and Horford are taking all the minutes from the 3-5 spots next year. Now, Trey Burke leaving makes things interesting. You can have all the talent in the world and it's moot if you can't get them the ball because you have no PG

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Good, concise summary by Brian Cook at MGoBlog:

Smotrycz is the headliner here. He started the first half of the year before Michigan went to Stu Douglass in the starting lineup; playing out of position the rest of the year at the five he still saw 20 minutes a game and was Michigan's best three-point shooter over the course of the season. He was projected to start at the four next year. His loss is both inexplicable and harmful. Unless Smotrycz was flat out told that McGary and Robinson were going to eat his minutes I don't understand that departure.

Brundidge only saw a few minutes spotting Trey Burke; Christian was also an end of the bench type.

As for a "sinking ship;" with Mitch McGary, Glenn Robinson III, Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr. and a RS Jr. Jordan Morgan, with now a possiblity of another blue-chip national recruit and bench players including Vogrich, Stauskas, Horford and Bielfeldt, we'll be able to put a good team on the floor.  Young, inexperienced and thin, yes.  But talented, exciting and full of potential.  Praying to almighty God that nothing happens to Trey Burke. 

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Like leaving early?  See the next post in Buckshots.

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I guess that if I had to respond to that speculation, I'd be thanking Thad Matta, Aaron Craft and the rest of the OSU Buckeyes for their performance in the B1G Tournament, in showing that Trey Burke is not ready for the NBA.  Yet.

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Burke is just trying to get to the NBA before Aaron Craft shows up.

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Sorry. I lothe all things yellow and blue and to me it will always be a sinking ship. It has nothing to do with their talent level.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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Wonder if any of this has to do with the scUM coaches not knowing the difference between Ohio and Ohio State? ha

vacuuming sucks

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Michigan just needs to get rid of all these guys with the euro names, vodrich, smotryck, novak, yuck.

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I'm not sure if Burke is NBA ready yet...I also said the same thing about BJ, Kosta, and Cook when they all left early and they're doing well.  I'd like to see him go :)

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It only matters if their wallet is ready for the incoming dough. And all wallets are ready for the incoming dough. If he's told he'll go in the first round, he is gone.