The SEC Family Photo

By Jason Priestas on February 17, 2012 at 11:43p

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Belongs right next to this one

vacuuming sucks

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Don't remember this Tim Robbins role.....

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or this one

vacuuming sucks

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There is so much awesome in this photo.

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Wow. Two things come to mind - guy in the Ole Miss shirt, thanks for identifying yourself. I literally have no clue who you are. Second, Will Muschamp will be getting a call from 1984 begging him to stop. Bomber jacket? Really? I don't know what's worse, going and buying one at Leather Unlimited or wearing it for a formal picture.

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The leather jacket really stood out to me too. I wish he was wearing it when he made those Padawan comments.

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Lollipop Guild: REPRESENT!

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haha who sees this photo and decides to photoshop just that....?!?!?!

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That's what makes it brilliant. You wouldn't believe how many "IS NICK SABAN REALLY 4'4"?" tweets I received last night.

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What a crew...please don't wear a pin, Dooley...makes you look like a d-bag/politician. The white guys in this pick have set us white guys, who dress ourselves, back 20 years.

D. Anthony

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Why are both of Slive's hands on Spurrier's shoulders? #awkwardsqueallikeapig

vacuuming sucks

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He was using all of his will power not to put them around his neck.

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Does Les Miles have a neck? Is Nick Saban Mini-Me's real father? #GREATPHOTO

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Mark Richt is playing pocket pool.

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Spurrier = #oldballcoachshithispants

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