The Art of Hidden Possessions

By Ramzy Nasrallah on February 22, 2012 at 11:21a

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I have this tendency to question what Coach Matta is doing from time to time.  This article set me straight.  So it seems to me that it simply comes down to players resisting the urge to chuck it?

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We need a spark on the offense. I vote that Thad benches the entire first team to start the game for either Wisky or NW. First, it'll give some subs a chance to shine and secondly it will hopefully wake up the starters and get them focused on offense.

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I'm guessing that you didn't see all the turnovers last night when there were no starters on the floor.

Long live the southend.

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A regular season B10 title would be nice. But meh, it's the NCAA one that really matters. At this point I'm all for sacrificing a game or two in the regular season to get this team where it needs to be for March Madness. Besides, we should be able to beat NW even if our starters don't play for the first 4-5 minutes

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Gotta disagree. The higher the seed, the better chance in the dance. Northwestern is no pushover and the game is at their place. If anything, NW is a trap game.  Matta needs to do what he did last night...mix the subs with the starters until the game is well in hand.

Long live the southend.

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It doesn't matter if we're the number one overall seed if the team can't get it's act together. Last night's game was impressive, but it was against Illinois who's been in a downward deathroll for some time now. I'm going to continue worrying about our chances in the tourney until I see some consistent improvement against ranked opponents. I'll be happy if Buford and CO can step it up against the likes of Wisky and MSU. But frankly this team hasn't shown me that they can play consistently good/great against tough foes.

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I'd rater be a 2 seed instead of a 3 or 4. And your not going to get that starting all subs for the first 5 minutes...the game could get out of hound real quick.

Long live the southend.

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I wouldn't necessarily do that, but I think enough guys on the bench have shown they can play so if you just up a 3 with 32 seconds on the shot clock you should come out of the game. With that being said Sam Thompson needs some confidence and shoot when he is wide open or at least take it to the hoop in a pick and roll because no one is gaurding him 15 feet out.

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I'm curious who off the bench has shown they can play, or at least play real minutes against real competition? I'm not disputing this, but I just haven't seen it. I admittedly do not have a keen basketball eye so I'm not a good judge. However, last night I saw a lot of bench players play sloppy against what might be the worst team in the B1G right now. The bench might be athletic, but they are undisciplined. Frankly, I'm not wild about seeing anyone but Thompson getting (m)any mintues. I saw enough of the bench last night to feel very comfortable with Matta's decision to limit the bench play.

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What was encouraging about last night's game was the amount of movement away from the ball on offense.  This freed up lanes to drive to the basket or find the open shooter.  The Michigan/Michigan State games featured the Mike Brown/Chris Jent stand around and watch the dribbler do something with the ball offense.

If they can keep moving and setting picks, this offense will be fine.  Not great... but with the D, they don't have to be.

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Incredible defensive numbers.  Pretty mind boggling actually.  Gives me hope.  Craft has to take and make a few more shots.

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Don't care what the defensive numbers are if we have Thomas and Buford a combined 4-24.  Anyway...interesting, because we had Lighty last year, supposedly one of the best defenders Thad's had ever.  Craft was there last year.  Buford and Sully are the same.  Throw in Diebler/Lauderdale for Thomas.  I guess this group plays better together? I don't know.  The true stat of points per possession is even less than what the article wrote - adjusting it for strength of schedule - wtf? How do you even do that?