Jordan Whiting Could be Transferring to Louisville

February 21, 2012 at 3:37p    by Jason Priestas    


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That quote is very confusing, which is what Whiting has been since arriving on campus basically.

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I take it as - if he doesn't win a starting position in Spring ball, (which he probably won't), then he's going to transfer before Summer.

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And him transfering has a lot to do with Tressel and the suspended players. Why was that worked into the article? Does that matter as far as this young man in concerned?

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I never really thought this kid was a B1G type LB. He doesn't have the size. I didn't understand why Tressel was recruiting this guy at the time. He could excel at Louisville or some MAC school, which is where he should have went.  Best of luck, Jordan, if you do transfer. I don't think you'll see much playing time at OSU.



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86 on the roster now? I thought we were just one or two over currently.

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I just counted and yes 86 is what's listed  . . . . but the article doesn't differentiate between who's on the roster and who actually has a schollie. To the best of my knowledge, several of them are walk ons.

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David Durham, McVey and Fellows??

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They may be counting the early enrollees in their list.  Just a thought.


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Early enrollees are already on the roster, putting OSU at 86 players currently. This number doesn't include the rest of the freshman class that have yet to enroll. There will still be several players like McVey who will likely not be playing football at OSU for one reason or another.

We'll still be over the 82 scholarship limit in terms of total roster size. But again, many of these players do not hold scholarship offers. That's what I hate about the stupid story. It presents accurate numbers that mislead people to believe that we're way over the scholarship limit. Presenting the total roster size and then mentioning the cap on scholarship players just implies, intentionally or not, that OSU oversigned.

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Could someone who knows for sure on how the number count works answer...are we one one over on scholarship limit? Alex? These numbers can make me jumpy...

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By my understanding, whatever the current # is, it's irrelevant until the start of fall practice, when OSU will be at 81, according to Urban. 

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I am pretty sure we can trust Urban when he says we are sitting at 81.  He knows who's in grade trouble and eyeing a transfer.

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We'll be at 81 scholarship players, that still doesn't account for the walk-ons who don't hold a scholarship but are still on the team.