Illini Helmet Prototypes

By Jason Priestas on February 25, 2012 at 1:28a

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Wow. I think some Native American somewhere is going to be offended, and someone at Nike will have to apologize.



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Why? The design is obviously influenced by some of the soiux war bonnets that were mostly wore by that tribe. I didn't find it appealing visually, but I understand it and respect it.

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2002 graduate of The Ohio State University
National champs.  Coincidence?

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This has to be the one.  The Illini should start a petition drive, write their Congressmen, amend their Constitution, give every local tribe a new casino, pay off Chief Illiniwek, hire the ACLU, fire the ACLU, whatever it takes...

Just get this helmet.  On second thought, this is such a cool helmet, I don't want the Illini to have this design:

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You're joking, right M Man?



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Like your quote by coach McGuire. Got to meet him once. Great guy.

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I am not joking.  But then again, it is not my team.  They can do whatever they want, whether they think I am joking or not. 

Having officially banned Chief Illiniwek, I imagine that depicting Chief Illiniwek's headdress on a football helmet is not going to pass the political correctness test in Illinois.

But no, I was not joking.  I think that helmet design is perhaps the best one coming out of the studio of graphic designer Charles Sellars, who has reimagined the helmets of most BCS schools.  Somebody may have a link; I don't. 

Official logo (no problem):

Chief Illiniwek (now, a problem):

Chief Illiniwek and Memorial Stadium security (all kinds of problems):




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I like that version much better than the others.

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My brother was a tailback for the Miami Redskins back in the 70's, and I still miss the EMU Hurons.

That's a funny pic of the Chief with all that security. Just curious though: do the Native Americans not like the Chief because it's a white guy dressed up as chief?

And, thanks Funky. Never met A.M., but he seemed like a good guy. Better TV guy than most, if not all on ESPN.



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Looks like a goalie helmet. Not bad though. Sure beats wings.