Saban Being Saban

By Jason Priestas on January 16, 2012 at 12:10p

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Yep...Coop should shut up lol. Seriously unethical.

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Nothing to see here NCAA.  Move along...wait is someone getting inked. 

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

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...and people want to act like the SEC West is special for some reason other than sheer numbers.  The fact that the football programs are run like professional franchises more than the rest of college football is all you need to know.

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Amen. And for the NCAA to allow it is as hilarious as it is hypocritical.

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Is it even legal to give the kid a job for the year off before he signs?  I guess it would be as long as he gets paid the same as everybody else but damn it sounds like a recruiting violation, to give a kid a job so he will stay committed.

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It's legal as long as he doesn't start in high school.

provided the employment is arranged through normal institutional employment procedures (e.g., local
newspaper, bulletin board listings) and without the intervention of any member of the institution’s coaching

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In Saban's defense, this kid could go somewhere else. Kid wants to play for Bama. The only way they stop signing more is if kids stop playing along.

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It allows him to offer kids with no accounting for numbers though.  It's BS.  Get too many kids to commit........oops find the most convenient loophole and use it.

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Ah, just three months ago, here's St. Nick saying he will stand by the offer to an injured Justin Taylor.

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Any mention of Saban signing a piece of paper?

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With Saban saying you cannot sign with Alabama this year, will that make you look at other colleges? 

“I’m going to go ahead and stick with Alabama. I mean, I’m committed to them. They committed to me. They want me."


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"I'm commited to them and they're commited to me"   - you sure about that dude?

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The kid seems as dumb as Saban is unethical for believing this line of shit.

Long live the southend.

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Sorry for being blunt, but this kid is an idiot.  He would rather go work at a job in Georgia for s year than go somewhere and start his education and play football (even if he needs to redshirt he can get ACTUAL FBS level physical therapy)

The oversigning BS needs to hit the mainstream.  It's just so unethical it makes you sick.  Kid has been committed for over a year and TWO WEEKS before signing day, Saban pulls the offer back.  What a chode.

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Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

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We are mad because he signs to many.  We are mad when he says his class is full and doesn't sign the kid.  This is a story blown-up.  Not to be cold, but the kid is hurt.  Urban would never sign an hurt high school player.

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AJ, the kid committed, then got hurt, then was told that he still had a spot in the 2012 class, then was told he didn't have a spot in the 2012 recruiting class.  

The issue is that Saban is just going to keep thumbing his nose at the NCAA/SEC "rules" that now limit him to signing 25 players.  He will work every loophole, tell any lie, and promise things that he can't deliver on.  Bama is sitting on 27 commits (maybe 26 if this kid wakes up) when his own conference has told him that he can only sign 25.  He doesn't give a sh#t what the rules are, he just does what he wants.

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And, the fact that Saban is going to "sign a piece of paper" guaranteeing the kid a spot in the 2013 class is really absurd.  I don't think the NCAA even allows this (it is equivalet to signing the kid before his actual signing day - in this case Feb 2013).

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He is no longer sticking with Alabama per Deadspin/

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And the Bama fans are bad mouthing the kid for not sticking with the Rednecks.



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Well he's pretty much screwed now, which program is going to have space for him? He even admitted in the first article that no school really pursued him because he was such an early Alabama commit.

Maybe a couple schools still have space, but it's really late in the game. His best bet might be to attend a JuCo or D1-AA school and then transfer in as part of a 2013 class.

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This story just pisses me off to no end.  I have gone round and round with SECers on it and they see absolutely nothing wrong with the situation.  I started a thread about the story on another board and actually had someone say that Bama was doing the kid a favor by cutting him loose.  Am I taking crazy pills or something?

My issues 1. The fact that the kid has been committed since last Feb and is all of a sudden not welcome

2. The fact that after his injury he was told he would still be part of the 2012 class until very recently

3. The fact that Saban feeds him some BS about "guaranteeing" him a spot in 2013

4. My interpretation of this as Saban's new way to "oversign" ie. keep the kid hanging on with a bs promise and keep him from signing elsewhere.

The response I get is "well he didn't really break any rules so I am fine with it".  This is from SECers not just Bammers.  SECers should be screaming from the hilltops.  Saban continues to bend the rules and they are fine with it??????

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