More Colts to Interview Tressel Chatter

By Jason Priestas on January 21, 2012 at 1:53a

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This is belaboring the point, but I'll mention it anyway. ESPN is now running this story. However, whereas the Indystar article waits until the very end to mention the scandal, ESPN takes one sentence to mention the reports of an interview (unattributed of course) and then the next several paragraphs talking about the scandal. ESPN uses one of the most unflattering pictures as well. I just dont understand why ESPN has such a hard on for Ohio State. They are like a PAC running negative ads all the time. The problem is, I can't figure out who they are representing. I get that it's all about web traffic and anything OSU related gets clicks, but they just seem like the obsessive psycho ex girlfriend now.

I hope JT gets the job but I'd be shocked if he did. When the Colts finally make a decision, the ESPN headline won't be who got the job, but that Tressel didn't. And God help the Colts if Tressel does get the job. Between Manning and Dungy, that franchise has been the media darlings for many years, especially on ESPN. That all changes if the evil JT gets hired.

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What's interesting to me is that the ESPiN story says it's a 2nd interview, which would make it appear to be more serious than I originally thought.  But you're right, they run OSU stories because they would be foolish not to cover CFB's most popular team, even if they are gritting their teeth in the process.

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The first thing I saw was that picture. This man has been photographed thousands of times and they pick the one that makes him look like the Joker? WTF has this man done to deserve the derision and scorn of ESPN? It can't be just the tat's, they have been gunning for him for years.  smh

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I think initially it was all about knocking JT off his pedestal. JT had a holier than thou persona who wrote books about doing the right thing and often invoked religion. I never heard JT be preachy about anything in interviews, but religion always seemed to be a subtext to the way he lived and coached. When people build themselves up this way, or as is often the case, when everyone else builds people like JT up this way, most of society loves to see them fall from grace, especially in this country. We all love a good rags to riches story. We may love a riches to rags story more, because in my opinion, most people are a-holes who don't like to see others succeed. I think this is why we've been so mesmerized by Tebow over the last few weeks. There's no way someone that good and nice and religious can be good at football too. To me, it seemed like the media turned on Tebow once he started winning and Tebowing and making his religion very obvious to everyone. The only thing that could knock Tebow off his pedestal was failure on the football field. When he won games, they focused on his usually dismal passing stats. When he lost, the theme seemed to be 'I told you so'.

I get why ESPN, and the media as a whole, were quick to tear JT down. But i really don't understand why it continues. He was fired 8 months ago. In media news cycles, that story is ancient history. Incidentally, I checked CBS Sports and SI and didn't see a word about JT on those web sites, at least not on the front pages. I don't know what it is about ESPN, but it does seem personal with them.

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Pam, the answer is so simple! He lied and systematically covered up sex abuse committed by his most trusted lieutenant for years, then he allowed his players unfettered access to a sleaze ball booster who made millions on a Ponzi scheme that paid for parties, abortions, and put bounties on the heads of his team's biggest rivals' best players! Not only that, he was illegally recruiting players and brokered a deal between a future Heisman winner's father and his school that ended up costing about a quarter of a million dollars...


Oh wait. That's right. He knowingly played guys who sold some of their own stuff for a little extra cash. That is so much worse....


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Yes, he is completely unfit to coach in a league that has so many fine upstanding Boy Scouts playing. He will be a terrible influence.

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Also, one of his reporters sat on a tape of his trusted lieutenant's wife talking to one of the victims because he didn't know who to tell....oh wait.....

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Its all bout the raffle

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He should have been hit with a 50 year Show Cause. And his car insurance prices should go up. He's the devil incarnate

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If the Colts hire Tressel, I will suddenly start caring about the NFL again and will have a new favorite team.  (Sorry Browns, but you've sucked for so long that I just can't take it any more.)  Might even make the trek out to Indianapolis next year to see a game.  I've heard great things about the city and the stadium...

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Come on out!

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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I think Tressel's style would translate pretty well to the NFL.

Defense, special teams and field position first, is a solid philosophy.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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I hope JT gets the job if he wants it, but I have to say, he doesn't look good in blue.



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The key for Tressel is how he handles his players and who is on his staff.  I hope he gets it - I'm not sure how successful he'd be, but I think it would be worth a try.

Class of 2010.

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If our beloved JT somehow is actually offered this job, please, for the love of god, lose the fu**ing white tennis shoes and the sweater vests.

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Nope. It's time to retire the Mister Rodgers attire forever.

Where does he even get those short sleeved dress shirts anyway?

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been saying this is his job since September. Go Tres!!