ESPN will not be suing Auburn anytime soon

By Ramzy Nasrallah on January 18, 2012 at 12:28p
Amazing what happens to your journalistic integrity when you're the world's biggest conflict of interest. (Deadspin)

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Are they sick? I suppose that depends on the AMA's purview of "hack."

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Just a further reason why us fan's that don't let ESecPN sway our point of view.  I SOOOO wish another rival sports reporting news/tv network would start to put ESecPN out of business.  *here's to wishing!*

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NBC is starting up their sports network soon.

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Thought it already started.

vacuuming sucks

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You're right, Versus was renamed NBC Sports Network, so it simply replaced Versus.

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Damn.  You guys are so right, to be so pissed.  I don't always like Deadspin, but this is such first-rate reporting on their part.  This all looks like an email chain between a public relations firm and a client. 

What gets obviated in all of this, is that while much of it is written text that may be technically accurate, the real story is the advance preparation and coordination involved in everything.  Anybody who thinks it makes a difference, as to whether your press treats you as an adversary or a partner, need look no farther than the Detroit Free Press' attack on Michigan in August of 2009.  In that case, the Free Press had tried hard to conceal its story from anyone; they went to Michigan hours before publication on a Friday afternoon and basically said, 'Here's our story...  Do you have any comment?  We are going to press with this tomorrow.'  And in the process, because they had worked so hard at concealment, they never asked any of the right questions of anybody who really mattered in Compliance. 

What that did, and what it always does, is allow the intended story to roll for a news cycle or two without competition.  It sets the story, which is then 200% harder to overcome after the initial headlines.

Kudos to Deadspin and 11W for getting this out.

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No real comment, except that I thought you said obliviated instead of obviated.

Harry Potter FTW.

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Obliviated is what I got after our last game with Appalachian State.  Started with Heineken but turned to vodka.

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You sure you just didn't fade into bolivian?

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Wonder if they have something like this for the things we went thru last year.  I bet they would not be as kind. 

Other than live games, does anyone know if tOSU is declining the advances of the 4letter with regards to out basketball team and our new football coach?  I don't watch the network except for live games, so I don't know if they have done any recent interviews or not. 

I'm hoping they have been subtly told that we prefer they not be on campus.

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I cannot stand that stupid F%^&ing network - M Man is 1,000% spot on.

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Great find Ramzy!

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Can we just refer to him as Joe "I'm so Jacked!" Schad now? And, whenever he says something dumb on Twitter, can you guys retweet it or @him with #I'MSOJACKED?

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Joe Schad confirms everything I suspected about him, lmao. What a clown.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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I started to have my suspicions about him after I read Mike Leach's book (which is a good read FWIW). After reading this article about Cam Newton, that was the clincher for me. 

It's true... We really are a bunch of nuts!
Go Bucks!