2012 B1G signees getting four-year scholarships

January 31, 2012 at 9:34p    by Ramzy Nasrallah    


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I love this.  I know it favors the wealthier conferences, but frankly not that much in my opinion.  Any idea which schools outside of the B1G are using this?  Could this help with recruiting Diggs, Caleb, Dodson, Neal?  I know they are top guys who aren't afraid of getting their scholarships revoked, but peace of mind could be a help.

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It is good for the kids and could help the B1G with the parents of big time recruits more than the kids themselves IMHO.

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This is what kids who sign think they're getting in the first damn place.

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Amen. Good on the B1G for this.

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RDUBS, my questions exactly...  

I wonder if the SEC will use this method, and, if not, will it hurt their ability to recruit?  It seems like it would hurt any school that oversigns

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2 SEC schools so far are granting 4 year schollys.  What's next if the SEC wins another Title next year?

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