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December 1, 2011 at 12:27p    by Alex    


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i'm in love with this moment in Buckeye history..just saying. Watching this all unfold might be more entertaining than this whole last football season

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Need LB's and OL to sign up.

vacuuming sucks

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What is with all the WR's and RB's?  We need OL bad!  Losing Kalis didn't help this but it seems we are going to have a ton of RB's and WR's!  Anyone else agree?

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I think we will get  Jordan Diamond, and Alex Kozan. Urban's presence now in the recruiting is huge and people love to play for him i believe he will seal the deal on some O-line.

However, he needs wr, rb, ath. His spread attack 5 wide offense needs playmakers Harvin, Rainey, Demps, Hernandez, Moody, James.

Yeah everyone touches the ball and Meyer will just play mismatches all day long. I am Looking forward to no mercy, let up, 2nd string, and dropping 60 points as the norm.

Better get used to that!

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As DM said above & just listening to people familiar, he does love his overloads @ WR. I'm going to hold off worrying much about OL at this moment until we find out who will be taking on coaching them. He shall be deemed the anti-walrus

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If you think about it, Ohio traded LeBron to Florida, and Florida gave us Urban Meyer in return. Is there ANYONE who wouldn't make that trade again and again???

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